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E-book Cheapskates!


If you are one, why are you?

What does everyone else think of e-book cheapskates?


I can't read e-books on the shitter. 'Nuff said.


Is this someone who swipes a free copy of an ebook from someone else? If so, they're a thief plain and simple.

If not, please define E-book cheapskate.


Good way to save some money I think. Unless you're a person who also doesn't download any music or torrent files, you really have no reason to stand atop your moral high ground and criticize people for downloading books. This is not directed at anyone if you couldn't figure it out, it is a general statement.

I'm assuming the OP is referring to people who download books from torrent sites for free.


I buy a lot of books, but I don't buy DVD's and music anymore unless I go to a concert or to the cinema.


I will get the e-book if I feel that I'm being ripped off (i.e. book is overpriced for its content). However, I love buying books and if I liked something after pirating it I will usually buy it. As for music, I would buy it, but with CD's being late and very expensive in Russia - and me absolutely hating proprietary formats and low-quality e-stores - that ain't happening.


I'm a big book reader and book buyer, but I don't like to buy e-books because they are usually priced so much higher than honest-to-goodness published hardcover or paperback books, despite their cheaper and inferior digital format. They will be 40 or 50 bucks instead of the retail 20/actual Amazon.com 14 bucks, and then I can't easily grab it and take it with me when and where I might want to read it.

The pdfs are usually in some letter-size format that sucks to read on a wide-format computer screen.

I've also been disappointed in the quality of writing and information in the few e-books I have purchased.


i have a bunch of e-books that got e-mailed to me.

bunch about the AD and one about AAS that i cant find right now.


I'm talking about people who won't pay 20 to 40 bucks for a HIGH-QUALITY book from a nutrition or exercise professional but will ask people to nearly WRITE THE BOOK on a forum like this!

What the fuck is 20 to 40 bucks? Working at McDonald's or buttering bagels for ONE DAY?!


They are too lazy to steal the book off the interwebz or from the book store and read the 100+ pages to find the info and instead want you to read it and give them the details they care about? They are too lazy to setup and calculate their diet macros and want someone else to do it for free? They want you setup their training program and lift the weights for them?

Will someone do this for me so I can sit on my ass and watch tv and jack off to porno instead of taking the time to think and figure shit out for myself?


I used to buy ebooks, now I just buy hard copies. I don't feel at ease buying ebooks because in my mind I know I can get them for free with just a few clicks.


laptop, good ol laptop


For the sake of argument, if someone working at McDonald's or buttering bagels is spending a days worth of pay on an ebook about nutrition I'd say that they're financial priorities are a little out of wack ... those are the type of people, if genuinely interested in the type of book you describe, I would understand ripping off a torrent or asking someone to nearly write the book on a forum like this since their funds are probably depleted on the necessities of life.

On the other hand, I get what you're saying.


For 20 to 40 dollars, it had better be damned good and written by someone who knows what they're doing.

The majority of the REAL books in the T-Nation store are in that price range and written by guys like CT and Cressey.


A $40 book better be huge and packed with information. I'd never spend $40 on an "e-book". Ever.


I lost 20 pounds from a 35-buck e-book that's NOT huge; it's about 120 pages. I think that's worth it!


Well. I lost 20 pounds of fat to get nicely lean while gaining some muscle following CT's Destroying Fat routine and diet similar to his Refined Physique Transformation.

Those are FREE on T-Nation and darned effective, yet people still come on the forums all the time with their own half-baked self-designed programs to lose fat. shrug

I will absolutely pay for good information. For example, I gladly paid over 60 bucks for Stuart McGill's Low Back Disorders. The quality of information justified the price. And I will not steal information whether the format is digital or otherwise. But most e-books appear to be overpriced for what they are. 35 bucks for a program to lose fat may seem reasonable to you, but to the average consumer, they see that they can pick up any number of diet books for 10 bucks or less on amazon.com. And they can donate or sell real books when they are done with them.


i bet you absolutely detest libraries then. oh my god, a place where you can read...for free! THIS IS MADNESS


I used to download a bunch of ebooks (and textbooks back when textbooktorrents was open).

I'm usually hesitant to purchase ebooks, because I like to scan a book before I purchase it... relying on Internet testimonials oftentimes screws me over.

That being said, people who ask others to rewrite/summarize entire chapters of books for them come off as lazy assholes, so fuck them.

At least I put in the legwork when I'm looking to find something for free.


If you're still bitching about people getting free advice on forums like this without paying for it you really need to quit crying. No one on these forums is under any obgligation to hand out their advice for free. People do it because they like to.

You've commented about things like this a few times now and it's getting annoying. If you're still bitter that no one is purchasing your online training/dietary programs and advice or whatever it is that you're peddling, maybe it's time to rethink your business model. This forum and forums like it are here to stay and if authors wish to help others for free, bitching about it really isn't going to do anything except show how much of a whiny girl you are.