DZ's Training Log

Hello T-Nation, my name’s Dave. A quick background info before I begin posting my log here. I’m 46, been a member here for some time, but not a big poster. Mostly reading articles, and looking at inspirational photos posted each day.

Quit smoking and started lifting 5 years ago. A year and a half ago, I was 5 days from my first power lifting meet, going in at 198lbs, and I ruptured my left biceps tendon, at the elbow. Was feeling pretty good again, and after 9 years working second shift, went to third nine months ago.

Training has had to take a side seat for the first time in a while. The last couple of months, I think I got this new shift figured out and ready kick some ass again. I like keeping a log, but have never really found a place where I had much in common with the other members, namely my age.

I like the over 35 forum, and see that several guys keep a log here, so, let’s give it a try. I enjoy strong man stuff, and I said power lifting. I’ve got a big ass tire in the back yard, and freak out the neighbors by carrying buckets full of rocks around the yard and fun stuff like that.
I’m 5’9", weigh about 200lbs.

I lift raw, at home, poor man’s gym, it’s the best kind. Nobody to complain about the loud music.

Today’s training went like this.

Conventional Deads

One arm bucket farmers
Bucket of rocks weighs 70lbs right now
3 times across the yard each arm.

60lb. cinder blocks for shrugs

Time to eat! :slight_smile:

Hey DZ!!
Thought you may have visited HT’s and my threads recently but no post was visible…
Welcome to the over 35 forum & looking forward to hearing about your workouts and such. Good Luck in your training,

[quote]QuarterTonner wrote:
Hey DZ!!
Thought you may have visited HT’s and my threads recently but no post was visible…
Welcome to the over 35 forum & looking forward to hearing about your workouts and such. Good Luck in your training,

Thank You, yes, I’ve seen how your training’s going. Best of luck to you as well. My pain and wounds pale in comparison, I shouldn’t whine I guess.:slight_smile: I’m looking forward to keeping a training log here, I like what they’ve done to the site. And this forum seems very active.

A little more background. At 41 I was 165 lbs. and not in very good shape, quit poor in fact. Hadn’t done any serious lifting in 20 years, so, basically I was a beginner all over again. Right now I weigh about 200.

Before rupturing the biceps tendon, my best lifts were,

Short term goal is getting back to that point, and getting that friggin’ bench over 300.

I’ve been trying some different stuff recently. More compound lifts, oly lifts. I’ve not tried olympics lifts before, working on learning the hang clean and jerk, I picked up from the recent article about combos by, Jeremy Frisch. So today’s training went like this,

Hang, Clean, and Jerk

Flat Bench

Tire Flipping
2 trips down the yard and back= 32 flips

I have this tire I rescued from the dump, it’s about 5’ tall and 20" wide. No idea how much it weighs, but it gives me a great workout.

dz, welcome, looking forward to your log. stay focused and go a little crazy from time ti time, listen to your body and you will do well!

[quote]heavythrower wrote:
dz, welcome, looking forward to your log. stay focused and go a little crazy from time ti time, listen to your body and you will do well![/quote]

Thanks HT! Took a bit to let heal another cumulative trauma problem. Doc said it’ll heal. Sometimes getting older is a pain! Tell ya what though, I took my girls to the local county fair over the weekend, holy cow! Talk about insiration to get back under the damn weights. Fat people everywhere! Guys half my age with big beer bellies, and fat asses.

Start today’s workout with some stretching and abs.
2 stes of knee to the chest crunches 20 reps ea.

Bent over BB row

I don’t know if this has a name.
It’s kind of a Zerker Good Morning

Again, not sure what it’s called,
a hanging clean with an overhead press.

Cinder block farmers
3 reps across the yard and back with the 60lb blocks.

Welcome to the Wounded Warriors Forum. I’m glad to see you putting in cleans, it really is the king of lifts. Of course, I’m biased. But when people who think they are in shape try simply doing five sets of five clean and jerks with a good weight, they usually get light headed and nauseated.

It was cool you mentioned doing bent over BB rows. I used to do tons of em. I haven't seen anyone do this in the gyms I've been to in the last decade. Great mass builder. Wonder if my back could take it again.

Anyway,this is a great site, and I hope it keeps growing and attracting new warriors like yourself.

Just posted with Colin and checked your thread out.I had a class 3 right bicep tendon tear in '86.I am fully recovered and I understand the journey.Your log looks great.Keep hard at it brother.I will be checking in with you from now on. Jimmy T

Thanks guys, appreciate the welcome, and the feedback. Let’s get the week started off right.

Warmup with some stretching
Flat bench
2 boards

Overhead squat w/ 2 40lb DBs
First time tryin’ these, harder than I expected. Left arm kept giving out.


Getting kind of a slow start this morning, pretty sore. Kind of suprised, my job is pretty physically demanding.
Starting with some stretching to loosen up, I nearly always do, so I’ll not write it down everyday.

Close grip pressing for starters

Stiff Leg Deadlift

One Arm Bucket Farmers
4 trips across the yard and back
forth w/ 70lb. bucket of rocks

That damned bucket feels a lot heavier than 70lbs.
I counted steps today for the first time. One way across the yard is 35 steps, so today, each arm got 140 steps. Kinda got that I’m gonna puke feeling. Good workout when I feel like puking. Usually that comes after a good squat session.

Good Mornings
Holy shit! That’s about as painful as it gets.

One Arm DB Rows
I recently read an artcle here that suggested pulling those to the hips instead of to the chest, much more difficult. I can feel muscles straining all over, not just the back.

Plate Raises
3x10 W/45 plate

Couple of pictures of me scaring the neighbors.



Awesome DZ!I dig that tire.You look thick bro!Jimmy T

[quote]Jimmy T wrote:

Awesome DZ!I dig that tire.You look thick bro!Jimmy T[/quote]

Thanks Jimmy

Yesterday, I spent two hours working on the wood pile. I split firewood by hand to burn during our long Michigan Winters. It’s a great workout!

Power Clean and Jerk
OMFG that’s painful! Each rep I have to set down gently given I’m doing this in my living room. I think that has to add some level of difficulty to the sets. I have half a mind to stop now, feels like I’ve already had a full workout. No fucking way…moving on!


Bent Over BB Rows

Nice work Bro! The strong man stuff is fun shit! I agree with Jimmy you look thick as hell!

[quote]Colin Wilson wrote:
Nice work Bro! The strong man stuff is fun shit! I agree with Jimmy you look thick as hell![/quote]

Thanks Colin, I like it, gets me outside to workout with heavy stuff.

Thought I should take a second day of recovery after those cleans, the next day my shoulders were not happy with me. I’ve got a wicked case of Bursitis in the left AC joint, and it was killing me yesterday.

May be time for another Cortizone shot, or just deal with it. Not sure my CSN is gonna like me after today, but I haven’t done any deads in a couple of weeks. I like those, king of 'em all if you ask me.

Conventional Deadlift
That was pretty good. I honestly wasn’t certain I would make it past 335. I may finally be gettin’ ready to eclipes

Cinderblock farmers
6 trips around the yard with the 60lb cinderblocks.
My arms are toast, and my grip is gone!
I think these have been especially helpful getting my arm strength back after the surgery. Left arm still gets tired faster than the right, but it’s doing well.

Dave, nice job on the clean and jerk workout. Especially considering you’re having to lower the weight under control, which the surgeon general has determined is hazardous to your health.
Keep up the good work! Doc