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DZs Summer Log


Several things have hit me at once and demanded some time off. I can't fully explain, why suddenly it felt more important to sleep in and do nothing for several weeks. Actually, I wasn't completely sedentary these last few weeks. There's plenty of outdoor chores this time of year, and over the weekend I got out the cinder blocks for a spell.

The old log was becoming too lengthy, and since I change things around during the Summer to include my yard toys, this is as good a time as any to start a new log.My immediate goals are to loose some weight, 10lbs would be good.And I still intend on doing a meet in August. But first things first, I have to rekindle the fire.










Hey DZ - good to see you posting again. How about trying a training pattern focused more on total body work and a BB set/rep scheme (did I really say that?). It should fit with your fat loss goal and still work the conditioning and strength aspects. Also being completely different, it may help get some or your enthusiasm back. Maybe try it for a month while controlling your food intake to see those 10 lbs of fat gone.


Thanks soldog, that may be exactly what I need. Looking at something like that, that will also steer me towards training for the meet in August.


Nothing to write home about, but here it is.

Rear Delt Raises

Close Grip

Seated Shoulder Press

T-Bar Rows


Ahh, the cure for the winter blues--- Yard work.

Or, as we say up here: "Yahd wehk"

I've been draggin' branches, slashing new growth, and raking... Just got the wheelbarrow wheel fixed and that means I gotta fill the bucket and that means.... diggin.

Good to see you back!


Missed ya! There is a time & a place for everything someone once said.....August is right around the corner; still plenty of time to think things through. Till then have some fun before you have to focus more on the three lifts.


Just goes to show, you can't keep a good man down. Great to hear you're rested and injury free. Like QT said, do a little playing and put the fun back into it, then settle down to doing the hard work.

Really great to have you posting again, you were missed. Stay strong and have fun!


dz looking pretty thick bro...
Cosgrove has a 3 day a week plan called hacking your workout....



A big X2! My arms look like spaghetti next to yours.


What they said...The best shot is #3. You look like your carrying groceries from the van! Just some eggs and bread, flashing the ink to the neighborhood brats!
Looking good man, by the way, that green stuff? It's called GRASS. Maybe it's been awhile...


Deez, love the pics, but why did you cover up your sponsor's logo on the shirt?


It's a Biotest competitor. A freebie from the Arnold a few years ago. I tried posting a video once with that shirt on and could never get it to load. The only thing I could come up with was that I was wearing that shirt and my video wasn't being accepted because of it. Never had trouble with any other videos I've posted, so, I figured it had to be the shirt.


LOL - too funny

I've had videos not load and figured it was random or the length or a glitch in their server. Pretty sure it wasn't a competitor's logo since I've never had anything thing like that.


I was reading a thread over in another forum on just that subject. You are right on in your assessment of why your pictures wouldn't post, DZ.


Interesting. Its good to be King Patterson


Again.....nothing to write home about, but here's today's leg workout.


Frog Stance Squats

Leg Curls

Seated Calf Raises