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Dynamix Xpand Pre/Post WO

I started the xpand 3 days ago and although everyone seems to be saying how NO is a waste of time I seem to be getting quite a good pump from it. I guess imho NO is just for looks?

It also has a CEE, aakg and glutamine in it. i know glutamine aids in recovery but what does aakg do? is it just an intermediate in NO reaction?

I’ve read a couple posts on the forum already about CEE and most people have been talking about how CEE doesn’t work as well as the monohydrate in practice because it doesn’t survive the stomach acid in your stomach. Will it help if you consume it with tons of water? I dont want to get any bigger and there are so many mixed opinions about how CEE can help me develop lean muscle while others say it does nothing…

btw just fyi i am 19 and i ahev been working out for 2.5 yrs without supplements…tried protein but i have a high uric acid problem (also runs in the family) and my doc recommended that i stop…otherwise im new to supplements. any advice would be appreciated!

You know, I read this and immediately the rage began building, and began to conjure of the flames of doom…but, I decided against that this time, because I’m feeling frisky. So…

[quote]vancouverasian wrote:
I started the xpand 3 days ago and although everyone seems to be saying how NO is a waste of time I seem to be getting quite a good pump from it. I guess imho NO is just for looks? [/quote]

Do people not get good pumps from just…lifting weights anymore? Why are you so concerned about a pump anyways. Your goal, if that is you in your avatar, should be gaining muscle mass and strength. Yet, later you say you don’t want to get any bigger…

Glutamine, in sufficient quantities, is most beneficial for those following extremely low carb diets, as it can aid in replenishing muscle glycogen. The added gram or two in most pre or post workout formulas isn’t gonna really do a damn thing for you.

AAKG is the form of arginine used in these products which claim to boost nitric oxide production.

Yeah, because you’re huge as it is. Why do you not desire to be any larger? Are you training for strength while trying to stay within a weight class? If so, then eat maintenance calories while training for strength, but creatine should still be in your arsenal.

Again, ditch the CEE, get the monohydrate. Is your doctor restricting your dietary protein intake from whole foods as well? Because protein “shakes” or “supplements” are no different. Saying you “tried protein” is like saying you “tried a piece of turkey.” Look into black cherry extract for gout/uric acid problems.

You’re at the right place. If I were you, I would devote a lot of time to reading all of the old articles here at T-Nation, and search the forums for questions you have which have most likely been asked before.

Also, if you would clearly define your goals, we can be more helpful in recommending things that may aid you, but at your level, your best time is spent learning about healthy nutrition and spending some time under the heavy iron, properly.

Good luck.

Thanks newdamage i appreciate the advice and not the flames of doom haha

your right about the NO…i got conned by the guy selling me this shit i guess haha…CEE isnt as good then i guess…but i might as well finish the stuff…cant hurt can it?

as for glutamine, i actually have a seperate bottle of that and i will be adding to the drink i have since u said 1-2g isnt enough

thanks i will look into the black cherry extract. does it lower uric acid buildup? yeah…worried bout gout cuz my dad has it

well i guess your right i dont im not HUGE but then again im happy with my size? so i guess in a way yes i want to get stronger but maintain this weight. my goal is to stay under be at around 190 and gain strength while lowering my fat%…what % do i need to get abs? around 10?

You could clearly add a ton of good weight to your frame. Don’t throw in the towel at the first sign of muscle mass.