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Dynamite Elite Whey

Hello all!

I just purchased ELITE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE by Dymatize Nutrition. Mz last protein was 100 Gold Standrd by ON.

Here are the stats for Elite:
per serving = 29g one scoop
Total Fat 1.5g
Saturated 0.5g
Trans 0g
Cholesterol 5mg
Sodium 55mg
Protein 23g
Total Carbs 2.5g
BCAAs 5g
Glutamine 3.5g

Has anyone used this protein before? Thoughts about the company?


I have used it.Its pretty good stuff especially for the price.Anyone else?

Not me - I tried their BCAA’s once and the label was such a scam after closer inspection I wouldn’t use their stuff again.



after checking the label a bit more carefully today i saw it contains soy…maybe this is not good…

2xhmm…i had a shake with milk today and it kinda ripped my stomach apart…

see how it goes