Dynamic Warmup/Stretching

Hi Guys. I work out in the AM, having my preworkout meal as I wake up and train around 45-60 minutes later. I stopped doing normal static stretches as I read numerous times that they are not ideal before working out (and I do indeed feel better without them - less injuries). I usually do some warmup movements at home and some light sets at the gym, but would like to do a bit more to get the body going before the real training starts.

I have seen some talk about dynamic stretching/warmups, and the article today reminded me of the topic. I was wondering if anyone incorporates dynamic movements preworkout, what you could suggest, any pertinent links etc. I have searched around the net and only came across major warmup routines, taking 35-40 minutes alone! I am trying to find something basic but solid, 15-20 minutes max.

Thanks and Cheers,

Patience grasshopper; you will have all the info you need very soon!

Stay strong

I guess there’s an article coming!

while you wait, google Tom Kurz. His stuff is pitched at martial artists, but basic deal will work for any athlete. Reading his free online essays will provide an introduction to the subject.

This kind of warmup works well in 5-10 minutes. Glad to see they plan to address it here.