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dynamic training

can someone explane to me how i could do this program with the bench squat and power clean and push press and power snatch?
will rouse

There are many ways of setting up cycles of dynamic training. Basically the dynamic part of the power clean and snatch are already built into the movements. So just by doing them you’re training in dynamic fashion. The same also partially applies to the push press depending on how good your technique is but I would go 70% of max for 5-8 sets of 3-5 reps . As for box squat find a box that puts you approx. 2 inches below parallel, start with 60% of your max and perform 5-8 sets of 2 reps with controlled eccentric, pause on box, and explosive concentric. Increase the weight by 2.5% each week over a 4 week cycle. The important thing when training dynamically is the quality of each individual repetition. Aim for speed and explosiveness on each and every rep and not fatigue.

Ditto on what Kelly said. Also, are you doing a westside program? If so, you can use all the mentioned lifts as supplemental exercises in the westside program. I would use the power clean and snatch on dynamic squat day and the other on max effort day. You could also incorporate the push jerk, or push press on max effort/dynamic bench day. Or you could follow the westside program with these lifts as you’re main exercises. Max effort clean, dynamic clean… Obviously the olympic lifts are explosive and dynamic by nature, but you can still train them in the same fashion as westside.