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Dynamic Stretching

hey everyone. I have a question about dynamic stretching. Ive been reading a lot of articles, and have come to the conculsion that Dynamic Stretching is the best way to stretch/warmup before a lifting session.

my question is, how do you do dynamic stretching. I realize that dynamic stretches are performed with little ROM then the ROM is added throught the set.

Is dynamic stretching, when you use the smiths machine to step over reapetedly (high knee over), and then lateraly?

thanks to anyone who replies.

what are the dynamic stretches? what would be a good dynamic stretch for chest day, back day, deads, squats etc.

the only one I do is low side kicks followed by high side kicks. Basically, shuffle to one side, do a low side(groin) kick, shuffle, high kick, shuffle, low kick

^^ Thats what im trying to figuree out. if anyone has a quick link to dynamic stretches, its greatly appreciated.

(plug for Magnificent Mobility and/or Inside out). But if you’re poor, goholycross.cstv.com/strencond/holy-demonstrations.html