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Dynamic Stretches and Warm Up

This might be a silly question\ poll. I know Jim recommends doing something like the agile 8 and things like that. In the past I have tried this stuff but found it didn’t help me. I recently picked up forever and noticed most programs he has jumps and mobility. This got me thinking how many people find that the dynamic jumps and foam rolling help them\do them vs who skips it?

When gyms were open i did the de Franco stuff, but nowdays my training space is so small(i cant really lay down on the floor without hitting something) i just do static stretches.
In my experience - warmups and stretches help, but thats it. I mean, i dont find one or other method to do better or worse. As long as you do some rotations for joints and a bit and stretches for muscles you will work(4-5seconds or 4-5 rotations) and maybe extra work for problem areas, i dont notice i would perform any different.

I do foam rolling and massage gun stuff at night, if i feel up to it as a recovery, not as a warm up.

In my experience, these seemingly “small things” really add up and make a difference in the long game. Doing mobility work and explosive work as part of a training session does not add much time at all (the jumps/throws are often done between warm up sets) and IMO the effort is certainly worth it. Jim is not a guy that haphazardly throws things in just to add volume or extra work, so I would take his advice.

Also, you don’t have to be married to Agile 8 as the mobility sequence and feel free to change these up. I like that sequence, but have recently been using Pavel’s S&S preparation sequence. Many others possibilities exist.

Lastly: as you get older the things that you lose first are mobility and explosiveness. You can find old dudes that can move serious weight on one end of the spectrum, and 70 year-olds still doing marathons on the other end. But if you don’t work on it, you will be stiff, immobile, and lose any quickness.

While reading the forever book I just got into mobility and all that and Jim makes good points and some alternatives to the agile 8. I have tried box jumps in the past but found them to tire me out before my work sets. I don’t have a medicine ball but considering getting one to do some throws. I figured its worth trying some of this mobility and explosive stuff to see how it goes.