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Dynamic-Squat Workout?


In an article I was reading by Dave Tate he talks about doing a dynamic-squat workout on Friday and then max-effort squat and deadlift training session on Monday.

What does he mean by dynamic and max squat?




Westside workouts are split up into four workouts a week, two Max Effort (ME), two Dynamic Effort (DE); this boils down to a ME Squat workout, a ME Bench Press workout, a DE Squat, and a DE Bench. The ME workouts you'll work up to a max or near-max in whichever exercise you've chosen to max in, plus your assistance exercises, whereas the DE workouts are geared towards speed, using 50-60% of max, sometimes chains and bands, and aiming for maximum bar acceleration. I've only started using a Westside-type method for the past two or three months, so I'm not an expert on it by any means, but I find it much more difficult to overtrain than three-a-week whole body workouts. If you want more info, I HIGHLY SUGGEST going to elitefts.com and westside-barbell.com and reading all their training articles, there is an amazing amount of knowledge there. Also try Googling "Conjugate Periodization" and "Conjugate Method."


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I love the WSBB routine. You can easily control the volume and keep yourself from overtraining.