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Dynamic Quad Stretch

I’m looking for a good dynamic (not static) quad stretch to use before lifting and before playing basketball. Is the “quad stretch walk” in Berardi’s Scrawny to Brawny book the best one? It kind of looks like a static stretch followed by motion (walking) rather than a true dynamic stretch (at least my beginner level understanding of one) where there’s motion while you’re stretching. Maybe this is just a distinction without a difference. For those who don’t have the book, the “quad stretch walk” is basically a standard quad stretch–pulling your leg up to your butt after which you take a step forward. Thanks for any suggestions!

Yeah, that one’s good, but if you’re uncoordinated (like me) it can be difficult to keep you balance at first. Another one is running butt kicks. You run while moving your knee enough to kick yourself in the ass. Do around 20 kicks.

Try using a small plyometric box. You jump on and off for 20 reps, maintaining balance. Do this three times followed by jump squats until you feel sufficiently warm.

Squat jumps and slow, controlled bodyweight squats are what I like to do. I also like to do some clean & jerk and snatch with an empty bar or broomstick for a warmup for the whole body.

Okay I’m going to describe this to you as best as I can. I would just take a picture, but I have no clue how to use my digital camera.

First, find something about waist level and stand in front of it. Then as if you were going to stretch your quad normally just standing, put your leg onto the object (I use my couch or counter). Then while holding your leg and standing on one leg bend the one you are standing on and go down till you feel a stretch in your quad. Then come back up and repeat. Also kind of learn back when you do this too, it well stretch your quad more. I’m pretty inflexible so I don’t have to go down too far. If you don’t feel anything, to make the sretch more intense, hold your arms out and twist towards the leg you are standing on so your arms and body make a 90 degree angle.

This is probably very confusing. I’ll figure out how to work my digital camera.

See Robertson’s article on healthy knees. Tip 14 has a stretch much resembling what he’s trying to describe.

Thanks for all the feedback! I’ll give these suggestions a try!