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Dynamic Hug Issue


I been trying to strenghten my serratus anterior for sometime. I been using the face pull push up & shrug routine .I spoke to Mike Robertson about my issues & he told me to do this.

I did get a ct scan for snapping scapula it came back negative for abnormalities of the bone & tears. Last year i had c5-c6 fusion & shoulder impingement surgery (NO TEARS). My neck & shoulder feel great.

I was online and found a arcticle discussing an exercise called the dynamic hug.It supposingly activates the serratus anterior & subscapularis greater.Also, when I do internal prone rotations (subscap exercise) & set my shoulder at 90 degrees my shoulder begins to pop.

I started doing theses exercise but i get alot of snapping noise under my scapula. It's like as if my scapula does'nt want to glide laterally. could use some opinions and advise


Are you seeing any sort of re-hab expert? Sports physio perhaps?