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Dynamic Effort Work for Strongman


Just curious how many folks use dynamic effort/speed work for building up their lifts for strongman. I know Clint Darden is a big proponent, but it seems like strongman is a lot more secretive than powerlifting.


I do.


Thanks buddy! Still killin it?


doing alright! I took 2nd in the 220 class at a show this weekend after weighing in at like 204 lol.

My incorporation of dynamic work has been a recent thing, since I hired a coach. In prep for this show, for instance, we had one dynamic pressing day and one static pressing day per week. I also deadlifted twice a week, with one of the sessions just being like 5 sets of 5 ‘speed’ banded deadlifts (405). Then the other day I worked at contest weight (485) or heavier.


Is this always with leg drive?


mostly. Depends on the exercise though. I’ve done seated pressing, and bench pressing, with bands. Obviously no leg drive there. But anything standing is probably going to be done with leg drive.


Insert triggered powerlifter meme.


I’ve actually heard mixed things on this. Eddy Hall I think was one of the ones I heard say stick with a lot of strict pressing. Talking to Dimitar Savatinov, he almost never does strict pressing. I will say that I got my strict press up to 265 but couldn’t push press 275 because it had been so long since I had done it that I basically lost the skill.


Eddie Hall doesn’t use much leg drive in competition either. I think this is an area where you have to keep in mind that the pros are 400lbs. They don’t use as much leg drive. Smaller guys that are successful at strongman pressing are using lots of leg drive. Look at how big you are and let that guide your answer.


Excellent point. What the SHWs call leg drive looks to be little more than a bounce.