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Dynamic Effort Question


I'm sure there's an article that can explain this somewhere that I missed, but I figure I'll ask anyway. (If you do know of an article please refer me to it).

How strong do you have to be in order to implement dynamic effort movements?

For instance if you had someone who was fairly light weight, like 170, who only squatted 225#, their speed work would be with 112#.

I might be answering my own question, but I dont think they're even strong enough yet to worry about being fast. At a point like that, any strength increase will carry over to speed as well.

Following question would be... what do you implement in place of that day?

A repetition day? What would you use for the repetition exercise for the lower body?

Should someone that weak even worry about an upper/lower split?

Just brainstorming, thanks


I'm no pro, but I've got a few cents lying around so I'll toss'em in.

I think it depends on wether or not the athlete is slow, if he needs to be faster for something and if he rather needs to be bigger.

I'd sub in RE work instead of DE if he wants to gain, but if the speed work helps his sport then I'd say go for it.

If only for powerlifting, I think he'd be better off with a RE day if he can complete is 1rm in decent time.


here ya go



If you are only squattin 225, then I would not use the DE method. I would use either SE or RE work. James Smith ahs an article on elitefts about the SE method which is solid. I would even go so far as to use the second day as an all assistance day where you work on exercises that will exclusively build up the poterior chain using Prilepin's Chart and a lower percentage of effort.


It depends on their body weight. If they are 225 and squatting 225, they aren't ready for dynamic work. If they are 170 and squatting 225, I'd say they would be fine with doing dynamic work.

Again, I'm no expert, but I'm sure bodyweight should be factored into it. After all, you are lifting your bodyweight in addition to the bar when you squat.


Thanks guys, just what i was looking for!


so wait..I'm all about having speed and explosiveness (power) and all. I'm 171 and i dont know my max squat but i compltet 295 for 5 reps fairly easy. and on when doing deadlifts ill do 325 for 5 reps..and my bench is 250.



Not exactly sure what you're saying here, do you have a question on speed work?


lol yeah, my question is..I should defianetly start doing speed work then right?..if those are the numbers im putting up with weight and all..cause like i said..im all about being explosive in running, punching..anything!!!!



I was in Ohio to attend an Elite Lifts seminar about a 1.5 years ago. If you guys get a chance to do it, it is well worth it. What I took home from it is that a DE day is used to get you stronger. Training your body to explode helps your overall strength increase. In one of Louie Simmons' video's he says people ask him "how does he produce so many strong lifters with such light weights?"

You don't start a beginner off with ME and DE days, but I do not remember them mentioning anything that had to do with specific numbers before you can start to do a DE day.


Xen Nova:

I would still do dynamic work, personally. But, I think the percentages only are a guide. For example, my max deadlift was only 300 lbs (yes I am weak). I was using 165lbs for my DE days. After getting really pissed off one day, I tried 215. I was faster with that than the 165. After 4 DE workouts, I set a pr of 335 (still sucks)!

The point of my ramble is this: 112 lbs is probably way too light. If speed work is going to be used, I'd try 145-165. Initially this may be slower, but it should help more than 112.

Somewhere in the westside archives is an article about the tendo unit. IF I remember right, there is a lower limit for maximum force. I think this varies for everyone.

Another consideration is recovery. In a traditional split, the volume on DE days is typically lower. Performing a RE might upset Monday's ME workout.

Just some thoughts.