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Dynamic Effort. Needed?


I've been reading up on dave tatenwestsude etc. And they mentioned using dynamic effort days along with maximal effort days for strength gainsm I'm currently doing 5/3/1 which seems to be just max effort. So, is dynamic effort really needed? Or I don't have to really worry aabout it and if it is, how do I add it in? Just trying to get as strong as can be. (: tthanks!t


Don't worry about it with 5/3/1.

You should be aiming to lift as explosively as possible on every rep. The idea is to generate force. Mass (the weights and barbell) x acceleration (the speed at which you move the weight).

Only time you really need it is when you have a specific sticking point in your lift, usually towards that turn around point (where the movement goes from negative to positive). Say if you bench press but you fail at the bottom half of the concentric part of the rep, likely you have insufficient speed out of the 'hole' so to speak to allow you to get through that sticking point. Then you would look to use dynamic effort in your program.



What is the title of 5/3/1 again?

Are you really following the program?

What was the question again?


look at the 4th week percentages and think about what you can do with those weights.


teledin: ok, im only at my 5th cycle right now. lifts are still going up, so i guess its not that important yet/ (: and yea i get the point about trying to make every lift as explosive as possible.

jfg: the title is 5/3/1? yes i am. (:

a sample of my workout is,
low incline db press (5x10)
db row (50reps altogether)
assisted pullups(5x10)
shrugs and tricep movement.

i think this is an okay template for 5/3/1?

i only asked cause
1)its been mentioned alot in elitefts and defranco and well, they are very very respectable ppl in the strength game so i wondered if it was important. at least i didnt just put it in the workout like typical training ADD dude in the gym.
2)dynamic day promotes explosiveness, which i would like to add to my workouts as i play basketball? but i see teledin's point up there. (:

fr0: i dont really get what you are saying, are you saying that since the fourth weeks weights are quite light, i could have a "dynamic day" with them? (:

thanks for the replies!


The 4th week, the deload week, is basically a 'dynamic' training week. The two are pretty much parallel.


OP I was kinda hoping you'd see this. I don't think JW meant for the 4th week to just be a CNS deload but also so you can keep your muscle memory trained for the lift in an explosive way, especially if you don't have access to bands or chains. it also transfers over much better than other explosive lifts like KB/DB flips, cable pullthroughs or even cleans because you're... well, deadlifting.


The full title is :

5/3/1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System to Increase Raw Strength


alright thanks. yea fr0, i noticed that and mentioned it in my reply to you before. ^ yup thanks for the answers!