Dynamic Day on West Side

There is something about the West Side program I don’t fully understand. It is stated on the dynamic day you are supposed to work up to work up to a heavy single or How heavy should the single/double be ? Currently after doing 8 sets of 3 reps of the speed bench press, I do 3 reps at 65% of my 1 rep max and then I do another 2 reps at 80%. Is this all right ?


If you are posting in the beginner forum, you don’t need to worry about working to heavy singles after your dynamic work.

At the recent EliteFTS seminar, Jim Wendler described the Westside program for beginners:

“On one day, lift really heavy, then go bodybuild and on the other day, lift really fast, then go bodybuild.”

I have been doing Westside for a year and I
feel I am ready to move to a more advanced stage and hence I am adding more things to the basic template

Tjun Kiat