Dynamic Bench Press and Bands

Hi all,

I’m a first time poster, but a long time lurker who has enjoyed all the knowledge this site offers. I’ve been working out for approx. 1 1/2 years and been doing a Total Body Routine for the past 6 months, and recently decided to try out the Westside Method. So far my ME days have been great.

My question is that when you do the Dynamic day for squat or bench, do you have to use bands? My understanding is that you use 55-60% of your max ,move down quick, but controlled, then explode up with as much force possible? Although i haven’t performed it yet, it would seem like a risk of injury to your elbows when you lock the weight out (bench press), casue its moving so fast. Somebody knock some sense into me…


No, you don’t have to use bands.

Start off using straight weight and milk that for as long as you can. After awhile you can add chains, and finally bands.

Most people can’t use bands for more than a few weeks anyway because their joints will start hurting.

It seems the most popular way to cycle them is 3 weeks with bands, 3 weeks with chains, and then 3 weeks straight weight or something similar.

You don’t need bands or chains to do a dynamic effort bench day but after awhile you might want to incorporate them.

Stick with straight weight first in order to get used to dynamic effort and add accomodating resistance later.

Also, when using bands, you will use less bar weight (bench is usually 40-50% depending on experience of lifter, squat has much more range than that depending on what type of squat cycle you are doing, look on here for articles by Dave Tate about squatting for detailed info) that when using just straight weight. With chains, you use the same weight as when using straight weight.

Thanks a lot for the responses guys, im looking forward to the workouts.