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Dynabody Power Racks


I just took a job where I inherited Dynabody Power Racks.They are the ones with the weight stacks on both sides ranging from 2 1/2 lbs. up to 45 lbs. I am in the market for 2 more. Prefer white. Also does anybody know of any good dip attatchment systems for Power racks? The ones I have used before have been flimsy. And...I am looking for 8-10 45lb. Olympic bumper plates I also am in the Myrtle Beach area, and I have lots of commercial grade equipent that I could trade for these.


Are you still in the Myrtle beach area?


Im at Berkeley. HS in Moncks Corner


Gotcha, I might be down in Charleston next fall, Im applying for a masters
program that way. Ill let you know if I do. I didn’t know if anyone in that
area had room for one more. Thanks for the reply