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Dyna Vs. Softail


I am looking at purchasing a '10 WideGlide but some of my riding buddies are suggesting a softtail (custom/ fat boy). Just wondering if anybody has any opinions or suggestions. Any help would be appreciated.


I'm dealing with the exact same dilemma at this time. I put in an order for a 2010 Fat Boy...but now I see they have an awesome looking Fat Boy Lo (all blacked out). However, the 2010 Wide Glide and Street Bob are looking pretty sweet. And I swore that I'd only stick with a softail...though the Dyna's have recently caught me eye. Fortunately, I can change my order right up to the point I take delivery. I have no idea what the hell I'm gonna do...this is a tough decision.


I was gonna get a harley, then realized I already work out to compensate for my small dick


I know, I cant make up my mind either....


Mine is just really small, so I do both.