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Dymethazine Test


Dymethazine www.iforcenutrition.com/dymethazine.asp

I found this product, Bodybulding.com has some review on it ......I rather have your input !

What do you think about this product?
Any Experiences?

Here is a link that you might find interesting



pro-hormones=no good.


interesting post here


I’d stay away from cpds such as dymethazine and “TheOne”, at least until we’ve got a year’s worth of results. I know that dymeth is allegedly less toxic than SD yada yada because of the fragile N-N bond but I don’t believe it.

IMO these aren’t being designed because they’re better, but because they represent new revenue streams and they might escape the next federal ban on various presently existing designers and PHs.



Stay away from the new crap.

Stick to the stuff that we actually understand.

Besides your not going to get much stronger than superdrol or DMT or Tbol derivatives for orals.