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Dymethazine Cycle Soon

I plan to do a 4 week cycle soon of dymethazine and I was wondering if this is good on cycle and PCT to run on cycle i was gonna run some formestane and for PCT I was gonna run reversitol with clomid is this good? or should i do something different this wont be my first cycle btw but I am prone to gyno from a tren cycle I ran a while back what are your thoughts the dymethazine claims no sides but you cant gurantee I plan to run this to just gain an extra 10 or so lbs I bodybuild currently and am 21 and weigh 175 and just want some more mass

Do you realise that of all the posts that are written with no full stops, virtually none get answered seriously?

You sound like a fucking idiot.

Dymethazine is an old, non-commercially produced steroid that was begun research in the 60’s. As our understanding was so shit at that time, any and all relevant research on the Steroid is null and void, and as such it is an unknown quantity - as all these Designer Steroids are.
DS manufacturers have and continue to mess with peoples endocrine systems with no real world knowledge of the products they are releasing into the population. Products that will inevitably be made illegal soon after their release.

It is apparently (on looking) 2 superdrol molecules attached that are separated in the stomach. SD as we know is Methylated Masteron… toxic as fuck and only moderately effective.

This drug is again an unknown as to its real world effects. It is likely effective, but at what cost? I’d choose an injectable Masteron anyday - especially when you consider the age and lifestyle of the younger generations who are attracted to PH/DS (alcohol and rec. drugs).

Your ancillaries and PCT are all OTC. Bad idea number 2.

Tren isn’t Trenbolone as they seem to be illegally claiming - it is a contraceptive pill-like progestin that seems to exert some anabolic effect as a secondary action… i wouldn’t touch it with yours. Would you have taken it if you knew that? probably as the information was there to read, you just decided to do it anyway. Would you take your mammy’s birth control pill too? No? then why ‘Tren’?

175lbs? Eat more, anabolics are not necessary. You wont get more from this supplement than 100mg of testosterone a week (~70mg) IMO and you likely produce near that naturally… except your production is shut down and likely forever reduced with each concurrent cycle.

The good news is, with all these PH posts, i have managed to update my knowledge past the olden style PH’s like Nor-diol and 1AD/4AD etc. Shame the posters are incapable of finding the exact same information.


Do your research !, read the PH sticky !

Read This


And This


Follow JJ’s advice !

well I knew what dymethazine was. And my PCT is partially over the counter unless you can buy serms over the counter. If so then thats good. Also Im simply asking for an opinion Im not asking for you to shit all over my idea. You dont like prohormones which is your opinion. Im not asking to get into a fight either. I do eat plenty of calories I have competed in a bodybuilding show before I do have somewhat of an idea of what i going on.

You talk to me like im a dumb ass I do admit I dont know nearly everything thats why Im asking for opinions on people who are more educated on the matter. I just would like to stay away from pinning because of my future career it wont look so good. I figured dymethazine has the properties of superdrol or so I have heard but its half life is much longer making it have less harsh sides. Im aware at the fact that pro hormones are toxic for your liver but I figured if I was going to do a cycle that this one would be the overall best

You can think what you want, but I suggest that you really take that brooks post seriously. It has nothing to do with peoples opinions, it is just the fact that prohormones are shitty and will f*** you up eventually(endocrine system). What kind of people use them anyway?

[quote]geronimo542 wrote:
[quote]"…Also Im simply asking for an opinion Im not asking for you to shit all over my idea…"[/quote]
And this is my opinion - the fact it shits on your idea is simply what happens when you have a bad idea.

[/b][quote]"…Im asking for opinions on people who are more educated on the matter…"[/b][/quote]

I am - and this is it. the fact you don’t like it should not be an issue.

[quote]"…I figured if I was going to do a cycle that this one would be the overall best…"[/quote]
You figured? Well no shit.
The trouble is you asked for opinions on what ‘you figure’ as you don’t trust your own level of expertise on the subject.
You got opinions but you proceeded to spit the dummy because it wasn’t - “ooh well done, you will be really happy with that decision based on ignorance and marketing hype…”

Just my opinion (based on facts, science and past experience of myself and many others) - take it or leave it mate.


well I figured its always good to ask questions because I dont know everything. I am always trying to expand my knowledge on everything. I respect what you have to say and you seem like you do know what your talking about. Brook I know that you do not like prohormones but if I decide to run a cycle I was just wondering what the best way of doing it was and I figured this would be the best way to find out. I dont know maybe not though

tick with the most tried and tested product, not the newest most risky hormones that make all the claims.

AFAIK it would be SuperDrol… But i would advise you triple check that.

alright ill take that into consideration. Isnt superdrol more on the harsh side? Although you are right it is tried and does work! Also Im trying to run something very light if that even makes any sense? Is there any other ideas? There is also bold? who the hell knows!!

If your going designer steroids then perhaps look at epistane.

I appreciate the feedback I ran in the past Bold and havoc and had absolutely no problem. I guess It just must be tren PH’s that are really bad for you I got good results too with that stack. Havoc is a “mild” PH too…is that true?