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Dymatize Elite XT Tastes Terrible


Wow I just bought some Dymatize Elite XT protein... I usually use Grow! Whey but wanted to try something different just to mix it up and because I hadn't ordered more.

I'm not sure nutrients both seem fairly comparable, Dymatize might be a little better but damn after taking nothing but Grow! Whey Chocolate for the last year Dymatize Chocolate tastes absolutely terrible. The price I paid was in between Grow! Whey and Metabolic Drive which is sorta where my budget allows or I'd go up to Metabolic Drive but damn forget the slight nutrient increase Grow! Whey tastes so so much better. Definitely plan on ordering more Grow! Whey when this gets low.


It has Soy Isolate Protein in it.


I damn near live off Grow! whey...I sometimes buy Muscle Milk and mix A scoop of Grow ans MM to make it last. Tried the Dymatize Elite and chocolate does taste like ass. Banana isn't too bad and berry is pretty good, once again I did mix those with Grow! whey so that could be the case. Stopped taking Dymatize though because like StevenF said it has Soy Protein in it.