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Dykes get Beatdown at McDonalds


It's funny how the bulldykes hops over the counter to show she is as much of a "man" as someone with a penis, but then it backfires on her and she gets the caneing of a lifetime.


Get the fuck outta here man


I put money on my gf whooping your ass

Were 45 mins away from each man....


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He He you said penis...


It's wrong that the bad man hit those women especially if they are lesbians because that is homophobic.


Tee Hee you said HOMO..Phobic.


He figured he'd beat them straight.

I mean, that CAN be done, right? RIGHT?!?


Ask Matthew Shepard.


No, no, no, no, no...

You're supposed to PRAY them straight.


That was a travesty.

Now I feel like a dick. :confused:

Edit: Christine has a better "solution". :slight_smile:


Without knowing WTF is going on...THIS WAS AWESOME.


Except I'm an atheist, so I just choose to let them live.


Bwahaha, stupid bitch verbally abuses staff member at fast food joint, jumps over counter to go physically abuse staff member like she's some hard bitch, and then gets the shit caned out of her out of self defense.

How is this not funny? suck shit to the bully lezo :smiley:

Reminds me of this:


That's just.... INSANE.

How can you live with being a liberal athiest??? Ugh.

That's quite possibly the worst thing you can be!

Now I can understand why HG loves you.


you leave me out of this, we are in trouble for flirting. Gays don't bother me, unless they make creepy eye contact and gestures at the gym locker room, like this morning. But of course hitting him would be a hate crime. Homos. You try to support their rights...


You know,its one thing to bash on these 2 females based on the way they were acting but its an entirely different matter when you start attacking their sexual orientation. What does that have to do with anything? It says more about you by calling them "Dykes" than it does about them.


Correction: Dirty Liberal Atheist.

Last night's repubican debate was golden for an atheist. Listening to those fools talk about religion.

Here is Newt on prayer and morality. Newt!


This is the definition of a "whoopin' stick".


we need a vote ban on T-Nation, to get clip the fuck out of here.