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Dying Under Front Squat


Hi, I recently injured my left glute (I feel slight pain, it doesnt limit me anyhow, but at certain position, it is more sensitive and my squat dropped a little bit), so I switched to front squats for a while. I can hold 200kg/440lbs) easy in low bar position, but when I put 315 on the front squat, it is crushing my core so much that I cant even look down on my feet if they are set right.

Squatting itself is way easier and more comfortable than low bar squatting, but my core just can’t handle it lol. I am not looking for a solution because I guess it’s only about getting used to it, but why the huge difference? Putting 225 in low bar position feels like I have nothing on my back, putting it in front squat position feels heavy and it is very hard to even walk out (Low bar = could almost run). Anyone can explain?


Front squats require a very upright torso. It sounds as though you practice low bar squats regularly, and don’t front squat often. You will be proficient at what you practice. Also, the upright position of a front squat can be more demanding than a forward leaning low bar position.


The biggest difference is in unracking and walking out tho. The torso is quite upright even in low bar position before the actual squat, isn’t it?


Front squats are humbling in you don’t do them much. Actually they can be humbling anyways, set of 5 with proper weight makes me feel like passing out.

There can not be much said about these, get your core stronger and lower your weights. It will take time that you can proficiently train your leg strength with FS if you ab/upper back strength holds your back.


check your starting bar position


What’s the trick to setting your feet properly so they aren’t misaligned? I find it difficult seeing them and adjusting…


Same as back squats, practice walkouts and do it the same every time.

I like to do a few heavy walkouts before front squats anyway, makes the working set weight feel lighter by comparison so I lose the “this is going to fold me in half” mindset


I am inspired by weightlifters so I do 6 sets of 3 reps and 1 max out everyday - they are extremely easy to recover from. It is the 4th day and my front squat has fired up extremely. The core is still a big issue, sometimes between reps I have to jerk the bar up to get a new breath and brace… :smiley:


Awesome results from just 1 week of daily squatting. Went from 135kg max to a much easier 150kg. I am curious if my low bar squat improved… Going to try the same pattern with bench. Sleeping well is extremely crucial tho, nutrition not as much - I am actually losing weight. I can recommend this to everyone!