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dying to eat program on NPR

Did anyone listen to the Dying to Eat program on National Public Radio on Monday night? It talked about the rising obesity in today’s youth, and also interviewed several kids.

What amazed me the most is that the age for obesity in kids just keeps getting lower and lower. The things the parents feed their kids are awful. Pizza, chicken fingers, toaster strudells. I’m not saying a kid needs to follow a strict super clean eating regimen, but stuff like that on a regular basis is just bad. Buy a grill and throw some meat on it if they are hungry.

It was nice to see that some of the teenagers had actually made a change through better eating habits and attending excercise type camps. But those arnt cheap. The price for one of those camps is a thousand bucks a month.

If i ever have kids they are getting good eating habits from the start.


Amen brother. I didn’t hear it but I’ve seen several studies on the subject.
I have kids and it’s hard to get them to eat healthy. The ads for most of these fast foods or ultra convenient foods are aimed at the kids. Then the kids drive their parents crazy asking for every different thing they can think of.

Fortunately, my 2 have good eating habits. Due to my eating habits they have a good dinner every night and decent lunches at school. They like fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks. The biggest problem is the breakfast cereals. I want them to eat a good breakfast before school each day so, we compromised. They can have a small bowl of frosted flakes (or whatever other sugar loaded crap they like) as long as they have a glass of juice and a banana or orange. If they wake up early enough, they have eggs with me.

We take them to McDonalds on occasion but it’s more like a treat(sounds odd to call it a treat) than part of the routine.

Most of the time, the kids aren’t to blame for their eating habits. Parents have gotten used to the convenience. Why cook for an hour if you can drive thru in 2 minutes or zap a tray full of mechanically seperated and rebuilt crap in 5? Some patents need to wake up and take responsibility for their childrens’ lives. Or make the fat bastards go run a mile.

well, even if the kids exercise, that still won’t make up for the severe nutritional deficiencies in their diets.

My girlfriend is doing her nutritionist internship in southern North Carolina and she says that she sees a lot of parents putting Mountain Dew in their kids’ bottles. That’s right, MOUNTAIN DEW!!!

So, if you spend the first few years of your life sucking down bottle after bottle of sugar ladden soda, what are the odds that lean eating will ever be close to your mind?

This topic gets me more pissed than any other…
The kids in my family (meaning my cousin’s and brother’s kids, I have none) eat like crap. My cousin gives her kids sugar, very little protein, ice cream, candy, and soda like its going out of style. It’s not suprising since the mother is a fat ass and the father is a hefty one as well. The mother eats pasta all day long, pepperoni breads, clazones, etc…the father eats alot of steak, but no vegetables or fruit, and alot of ice cream. I mean, come on, how the fuck are these kids supposed to eat healthy?
The soda thing is really maddening. I see kids from 3 up thru teen years sucking down sodas every minute. People look at me weird when I drink water…what the fuck is goin on here?
I wouldn’t doubt that mothers are filling thier kids bottles with Mountain Dew…I see them filling their bottles with crappy fruit juice and letting them sip on it thruout the day…like a friggin IV drip of simple sugars.

I have a friend who is 18 now, but during his younger years, his mother:

  1. either didnt cook at all
  2. Cooked some crap like fried ham with white bread
  3. Let him pick what he wanted to eat…
    The result?
    He’s not fat at all…BUT he eats cheese fries, pizza and McDonalds burgers…NOTHING ELSE. I’ve tried to help him gain LBM so many times, but other than protein powder, he wont go beyond those 3 foods.

Yet another reason to not have kids.

Along with the weight problems comes Diabetes. Kids not even in Kingergarten having to go “shoot up” every 4 hours because they ate Cap’n Crunch for breakfast, lunch AND dinner since a child; and put honey and maple syrup on top, washed it down with Mountain Dew.

I am so thankful my mother prepared home-cooked balanced meals for me as a child.

Anyone see Time magazine this week? Cover story is about type II diabetes and children. Picture of a 200 pound 11 year old right smack on the front.

The article itself is pretty week. It doesn’t seem to yell out “STOP EATING REFINED CRAP AND BEING LAZY” But it gets the point across.

Natural selection.