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DXM and GH Output

I came across a friend in the gym who seemed to be making gains similar to what roids would produce. I confronted him, inquiring about the stack he was taking. He told me that he takes 700 mg of dextromethorphan hbr (commonly known as tussin) because it spikes and drastically increases gh.

Being an idiot, I tried this myself. he didnt mention the fact that it makes you… rather unstable for ten hours, but I noticed an incredible pump while on it, and watched myself literally swell with gh.

The next day, i entered the gym and began a deltoid/ tricep workout and noticed the most spectacular pump I had ever encountered. There have been studies and bodybuilders vouching that GHB, or the date rape drug, increases gh levels.

If anyone could elaborate on dextromethorphan’s correlation with growth hormone output, It would be appreciated. Until then, I swear by its effectiveness but will not try it again.

All I know is that last time I was sick I drank about a bottle of the shit and took one hit of weed and I felt like I was floating all day. Very wierd stuff.

People used to say the same about GHB re. the GH production. No idea if DXM is similiar but it’s be interesting to hear what others say.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever take it again. I think it’s the ingredient in lean basically. The shit works for coughs but gave me a headache so bad the next day I slept for probably 10 hours the whole day and slep 8 hours that night.

GHB will increase hGH levels but only if prolactin levels are low. I know a guy that is taking GHB and Bromocriptine at the same time to acheive this. Haven’t heard his results yet.