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DW's Pull Progress




You're back!



Nice progress. What is your Pull routine? The lifts you showed on sherdog had nice form, post those here.


Besides the three new pull videos in the progress video that was posted above, here is my best ATG front squat video with 195x5:


Are you fucking serious?

There are two things that should NEVER EVER be mentioned in the same sentence: "DW" and "form", unless "form" is preceded by "lack of", or "extremely dangerous".


Aw, come on. Credit where credit's due. He's made a lot of improvement.


Come on diesel, admit that this is a joke. There's no way you could have thought that last lift was even close to good form. The only time you might have had a legit lift was the first three on the 405x4 deadlift. And even those probably wouldn't have passed strict judging.

And why are you wearing PL gear? Those lifts would never pass in ANY federation, so you couldn't be competing.


Are we watching the same video?

I see my kid lifting like that after being taught how to do it right, and he's gettin a whoopin'.


So many questions come to mind when I watch this...this...thing.

-Do other people schedule their workouts around DW's so they can watch him?

-If so, can they get any training done?

-Does the gym he belongs to try not to show prospective members around when he's there?

-Could he get higher socks?

-Why does he keep putting these things into the public eye?

-Is he available for children's parties?



Let me be a voice of moderation. First, this kid, regardless of form, is pretty fucking strong for his weight. Next, the first four deadlifts would have passed in ANY federation. They were all good lifts. And 405 x 5 is alot better than what many many many here can do. Finally, his form still horifies me at times and only time and a future attempt stand between him and some injury - hopefully not serious.

Anyway - on to some positive advice. Dude, have you noticed that you have no problem getting the weight off the floor but you stall at the transition? This is where your hips/low back take over and its obvious that this is your weakness...WORK IT.


Gotta be honest with ya guys; I know he's the site's favorite whipping boy but all his front squats were decent form and his zerchers weren't bad. You guys need to cut him some slack.


Much improved IMHO.


None of those deadlifts would have come trough in an IPF contest, end of discussion. Hitching the bar from the knee and up is not approved.. :wink:


Much better form.


you gotta give the guy some credit, forms getting slowly better, and strength is much improved. its hard to change something that youve always been doing wrong, and it takes time to fix and DW is doing much better. good job.


soundtrack was awesome. who did the acdc cover?


You're joking right? He's been posting these things for YEARS, and this is the best he could do in terms of improvement? And it's not like we're talking about rounding your back during squatting, or tucking arms while benching. This is something that you immediately know that you're doing wrong, and should be able to correct easily. He picks the weight up and puts it on his thighs. How is this anything even close to a deadlift?

If he was serious about improving his form, it should take exactly one workout to fix this. It's not like you could do what he did and not realise that you are doing it. This is about putting ego ahead of strength and the health of your body.


Who's the band covering "Have a Drink on Me" in the squat vid?


its not like i said hes using perfect form. im just saying you can tell its much better than it has been in the past. some of the videos ive seen it looks like hes about to split in half. but looking at the 405x5 deadlift video you have to agree his form has improved a bit even though its not as good as it could be and hes not hitiching every single lift anymore.


Definitely better.

I agree also w/ Cap'n'Salty. As much criticism this guy has to take BEFORE finally changing his technique is true testament to DW's ego. I would not be surprised if DW's intent every day in the gym is to make a spectacle of himself.