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DW's 4th PL Meet - 06.06.09

1140 Total @ Open 165 Raw
Best Lifter (Schwartz formula)


You beast… I love the way you’ve made more progress and probably now lift more than the people who used to rag on you!

Nice job, Max.

So, you’re lifting as a 165? Weren’t you bigger/trying to gain weight before.

Nice lifting, but how about you take advantage of the monolift? i.e. dont walk back? just think it would save energy.

bignate: Thanks, bro.

Hanley: Thanks a lot. Yeah, it seems like the haters are nowhere to be found anymore. I wonder why. LOL

malonetd: Yes, I made the cut to the 165 class for the meet prior to this one, which was in March. No, I was only trying to gain weight from 2005-2007 because I was doing strongman and was underweight for both the 200 and 175 divisions. Now, after making the switch to powerlifting in early 2008, and cutting excess bodyfat, I’m perfect for the 165 class with relatively low bodyfat percentage and a higher total than my best in the 181s.

Old Dax: I never use a monolift in training, so I walk it out. Plus, I don’t think it adds any weight to your potential squat anyway.

good lifting.

Good lifting.

What sort of program are you lifting with now? You were doing the Sheiko with McGorry before, right?

Congrats!! Great effort and lifts!

zephead4747: Thanks.

Ruggerlife: Thanks. Yeah, I did Sheiko for one year, immediately after my first meet in May 2008 and finished it a few days before my most recent meet, one week ago. I began Wendler’s 5/3/1 program, this past Friday. My legs are sore as hell! LOL

D-Dubs, good lifting. most impressed with the 525 dead. it came up pretty quickly, you def had more in you. i kept going back on the 550 attempt to see if i could see what went wrong, i was thinking maybe you shifted onto the balls of your feet just slightly, but if you did its not enough to notice. i think youll definitely smash that 550 next time. fuckin solid dead for a 165’er! itll be exciting when you break 600. and welcome to 5/3/1, i love it.

Dude, if you keep deadlifting like that, you are gonna hurt your back…LMAO. Good to see you made the move to pl. Impressive DL, man.

latestartoldfart: Thank you.

undesired08: Thanks. Yeah, I seem to be better suited for this sport. Also, I’m surprised my spine hasn’t shot out of my ass yet, like many of the haters were predicting, a few years ago. :wink: LOL

dez6485: Thanks. In hindsight, I probably had anywhere between 5-15 more pounds in me which would’ve given me a 530-540 deadlift. I think 550 was just too much for me. Yeah, pulling 600 will definitely be an awesome feeling, physically and mentally.

You’ve come a long way man, looking very strong. Your 3rd squat looked a lot easier than the 2nd!

Is this dieselweasel or whatever it was? Thats some good lifting there. Your second squat was ugly and I didnt think you had anymore- but you made the third look a lot easier.

Congrats man. I cant even remember if I was a hater or not…

PS. I like the jump after the second deadlift. I felt like a movie was ending or something…

Nice progress. Bench is still weak though as I’m sure you know. Bring that up and you will have a solid total.

IronAbrams: Thank you. Yeah, that was disconcerting and caused me to lower my 3rd attempt from the originally intended 400 down to 390.

coolnatedawg: Yes, I’m the infamous DieselWeasel. Thanks. Yeah, I was VERY excited when I got the 525 deadlift, as you can see. LOL

[quote]maxbm wrote:
bignate: Thanks, bro.

Hanley: Thanks a lot. Yeah, it seems like the haters are nowhere to be found anymore. I wonder why. LOL[/quote]

The haters are gone because your form has improved a LOT. Congrats on the good work.

BenceJones: You have any bench tips?

burt128: Thanks.