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I just need to get this off of my mind, as hard as that might be.

I fucked up and got my first dwi a year and a half ago. There was no way to plead it down. It is on my record as of today--I admitted I was guilty to judge. I didn't want to go to a trial and sit in front of a jury--that would be too emotionally and mentally draining for me.

The incident happened while I was in college. The last year and a half has matured me, as if that means anything to them.

I'm on probation for a year. There are close to 6k worth of fees over the course of the next three years involved with that. That is alright, I can always make more money, even though it it rather scarce now.

What really gets me is this fact. I am not allowed to drink period. I am not allowed to go into bars, at all. This means that I cannot have a beer in my own house or at a friend's for one year. That is fundamentally wrong. They are asking a lot taking this right. At the age of 24, that is all my friends do. Work, pump iron, and then hit the bar, rinse, repeat.

This is calling for a huge change in my lifestyle. If I do drink and get caught, that is 180 days in jail. I'm torn apart right now and not sure how to deal with it.


Uhhh....don't drink?

I'm pretty sure there is more to life than drinking.


I'm just glad you didn't kill my wife or daughter (or someone elses) as they crossed the street.

I'm glad to see that you've matured though: "What really gets me is this fact. I am not allowed to drink period."

You can't be for real...


The last year and a half can't have done much, son, given that you're just upset over the fact that it cost you 6K in fees and then you've been ordered not to drink.

Baby, you deserve everything the judge ordered.

This is a matter of SAFETY. Wah, you can't drink for a whole year. CRY ME A RIVER.

If you drink again before your probation is up, I hope you get caught. Heck, we're both in TX - I hope I'm the one to turn you in!

Charles stated concern about his wife and daughter; my sentiments exactly. I have 2 gorgeous kids. May God have mercy on the soul that EVER hurts them because I sure won't.

You deserve it all. Own it.


Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean by this sentence, but please tell me that you aren't saying that drinking is a "right". Please.


I agree. Boo-fucking-hoo. You screwed up, now pay the price.

If you have matured I would hate to have seen your maturity level when you got the DWI.


Well, I think a rough sentence is appropriate. DWI is no laughing matter. You put many lives in danger, including your own. Though I'm not sure a general prohibition on drinking is an appropriate sentence. I don't see what that would do, how it'd be enforced, and think it unlikely that most would listen. Still, that is the law I suppose in your state. I think a more appropriate punshment would be revocation of one's drivers license for a year.


As far as I'm concerned, you should be spending that year in jail. That might drive home the point, seeing as how you're bitching and whining 'cause you can't have a beer.

There's way to many drunk morons killing people with their cars because they're too stupid to call a cab after a night out.

Just consider yourself lucky you didn't kill or maim anyone and deal with the fact that you did a stupid thing and that alcohol only makes you stupider, hence the one year ban.


takes guts to admit guilt espescially
to a judge and he gave you the fitting
punishment to which you derserved.
just out of curiosity what did you blow? blood alcohol content?


There is a big difference between remorse for doing something wrong and remorse for getting caught.

It doesn't take more than one guesse to peg where you stand on this.

One of th best things that ever happened to me was getting 2 dui's in one week. I was a real eye opener. The costs, fines, jail, and probation are NOTHING compared to how I would feel if I had hurt some body.
Just a suggestion- Thank God you didn't kill anybody instead of whining about the punishment. A little gratitude goes a long way.

Hell, some countries have the death penalty- administered on the spot, by the cop.


As a guy who's got a DUI, I can say that it does suck. The state fucks you six ways to Sunday, they hassle you for as long as they can, and they they treat you like a crack dealer.

I'm glad I got nailed, because I would have killed someone if I didn't get that wakeup call. Somtimes we gotta learn the hard way.

I'm surprised the Texas laws are that strict, because there is no probation period in Jersey for that kind of thing.

This is kind of the wrong site to put this on, as I doubt you'll get any sympathy. It sucks, but you either have to not get caught or stop drinking. Do what you have to do to keep your ass out of jail. It is what it is.


Good post.


newbie here

I got arresdted for dwi last year, not booze but pot.I had been smoking dope that evening, I had been smoking since the 60's. I passed out right after I got in my car and drove off. I felt fine. My friends said I looked ok and in control. I woke up in someones front yard wondering what the fuck happned.

My lawyer got me off, but I figured it was time to give up pot anyway. I quit a year ago. The old body told me it was time to quit. If you can not handle the booze or dope its time to stop. I miss smoking up with my buddies, but I don't want to kill someone because my body can't deal with the stuff any more.


what a fuckin idiot.


I think you have missed the point of 'probation.'

Probation means that they could have thrown you in jail in addition to ridiculous fines.

It means that instead of going to jail, you'll have to be minorly inconvenienced by adhering to some court mandated rules while you get to live your life relatively unaltered.

Yeah. Maybe you should brush up on that idea.


Don't be a wimp, nobody died from not drinking alcohol. You accepted the punishment, so tough it out.

What will it take to convince you? A stint in jail or when somebody gets hurt?


And in some countries you can be drinking a bottle of whisky with your drunk buddies as the cop pulls you over and say "Just a second" while you do a line of coke on the dashboard to clear your head. Then you tip the cop, and ask him to escort you home for a bit more. Mabey $15 or $20.
- As told to me by a guy I used to work with.

These are the countries that I don't think I want to visit...


You think you have it bad... what about the poor pedophile who can't go near playgrounds...or the serial rapist who can't be alone with women.
Forgive me, I am being facetious (silly but inapproprate)

Hmmmm. Be thankful for a couple of things. That, as has been mentioned, no one got hurt, that you have be dry for a real short time, that you are free and don't have to wear nice ankle jewelry or just that you are free and don't have to look at the same four walls while sleeping in a bed where you just have to know some freak has been jerking off. Equally as important, be thankful that you didn't kill or maim yourself.

Some thoughts on perspective.


Huge change in lifestyle? Hmm... let's see... You are upset because you got caught, not because you are genuinely sorry for endangering the lives of those around you. You're worried if you can still drink or not? Give me a break dude, grow up.



Live & learn. Should have never been driving! Just plain stupid & I'm sure you've learned alot by going thru this. I would have some cold ones at my house, but def don't go out drinking. Just stay your ass at home. OR, maybe it would be a good idea to not drink for 1 yr. Might do you some good.