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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson



Interesting article about The Rock's diet and workout regime leading up to faster.


Thanks! I always enjoy reading about stars training for their roles.

It makes me smile when famous people have a sense of humor and are humble.


What's funny is aswell he's 6'4' and weighs 225 at the moment and in faster. But if a guy on here said he was 6'4 and weighed 225 everyone would scream BULK at him....


The use of camera angles can make anyone look much larger on the big screen.


so true, good lighting and the right camera angles makes 6 inches look like 9 or 10.


Nope, I trained in the same facility as he did about a dozen times and saw him at this weight in Venice and the dude is massive. Looks much bigger then 225 not just on camera. Long muscle bellies and naturally dark tan. Pretty lean too. Can't be more then 10%.


The Rock's a big dude. I'd be surprised if he was "only" 225. Actors lie about shit all the time. It's not too far fetched to think he under states his weight to seem more appealing for a wider variety of roles. As long as he's leaner than he was when he was wrestling is what matters. Also saw a video of him when he was at Miami and he was throwing around 3 plates on the bench like it was an empty bar.


Yea he has come to the gym I used to go to and he is a big guy.


This, and he is tall as fuck and is filled out.


I love The Rock and I hope he makes better movies (or at least better choices) in the future.

And what's the deal with him and the WWE? I saw the thing where he said he was "back". Is that just for the next Wrestlemania??


I just read through the workout from the link in the first post and that's the plan he was on when he was trained by Billy Beck back in 2004 or so. I saw it in a Men's Health.


And this is my favorite video of his training:


This, and he is tall as fuck and is filled out.


Same here. One of my favorite action guys out there right now.


DOOM was on tv the other night....gotta love the ROCK


Of all his movies why'd you have to bring up that one?!?!


Don't get me wrong, my favorite ROCK movie is The Run Down....best first 10 minutes of any movie!!!! But seriously...Doom was on last night!


The rock is a cool dude. He works out at my gym and normally lifts light weights for fairly high reps. Nothing absolutely crazy or insane if you ask me.


^^ Could you be more specific? I mean what weight do you see him use?


Things you may learn from this thread: The Rock's training and diet plans, the effect of camera angles on the apparent size of one's penis, the phenomena that is 1 out of every 3 people on T-Nation working out in the same gym as The Rock.