Dwayne Johnson's Hercules Workout

I saw The Rock’s “Hercules” workout; is it possible to perform it for 4 to 6 weeks and not die? I need a break from powerlifting.
Squat: 450
DL: 435
Bench: 275
Clean and Jerk: 235
Bodyweight: 200
Age: 21

ehhhh yeah, probably

The Rock uses plenty of juice so, go to your local friendly dealer before starting the program.

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Looks tough. You probably don’t train with those sorts of volumes right now so I wouldn’t just flick the switch and start doing nearly 500 reps per day over night.

Why not do a Paul Carter or Dan John routine if you want somethimg different? Or train for power or try gymastics or whatever…

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it’s only a month and a half. might as well try it and find out, right?