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DW Goes 1240 (Raw) @ 163.8


IPA South Jersey Rumble
May 21, 2011



Nice lifting. Especially gutsy effort on that last squat.


good lifting


Damn solid!


Great lifting! And if you are who I think you are, you have made fantastic progress and should be incredibly proud of your efforts. And if you aren't it will still a damn strong effort. Congrats!


I'm pretty sure he is who you think he is and I agree with your comments.


Thanks, everyone. Yes, I'm the infamous DieselWeasel.


Great Lifts.


Fucking awesome DW, grinding out that squat was intense man.


holy hell, no way


Nice job, dude!


Realized how my first post sounded, great job dude, I just didnt realize it was THE DieselWeasel lol


Then congrats max . Very few would have the guts to keep pushing like you did . Awesome job !


From past videos, you had a unique determination. You used to grind out some heavy reps that most would have given up on. Now you do it with great form. Really impressed.


Good Job! I am also impressed that you lift with your glasses on, lol. I can't do it bugs the shit out of me....


You've come a long way. Well done.


Holy crap. Extremely impressive. Great work, man. Focus on your bench and you'll be at 1300 quick.


what a good meet. i competed that day too.


Great job! You have indeed come a long way.



Awesome work man! great progress on the squat