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DVD Burning

Ok, So I have blank DVD-R’s, a DVD burner, and a bunch of .ogg and .saa’s. For every one video, there is a .saa and a .ogg. I’ve successfully gotten WMP to play the .ogg’s, but now I want to burn the actual videos to a DVD, so I can watch it on my big TV.

I’ve tried Neo and WMP(Windows media player), and both have failed me. Apparently I need to convert these files into burnable video files, does anybody know how to do this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen it done with several movie-maker applications. If you have an application similar to that it may work. Other than that you might try googling it or searching on Download.com. Sometimes they have free trials of things like that.

They need to be converted to an MPEG-2 file which is DVD compatible. I use TMPEGEnc, but I don’t know if it supports .oog files. Many DVD players also will play DIVX.