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DVD/Book for MMA Strength Training?


What dvd or books should I invest in to learn stregnth training for mma/athletism? What books do you guys sugguest that you like and have worked for you?


Read every article every by Poliquin. the team renzo workout is also decent




diesel crew.com

thats pretty much it... just using those three guy's free resources will make you a beast.


Training for warriors - Martin Rooney

is a new book about athletic training for MMA,Muay Thai, BJJ

it is really great and Rooney was a strength and conditioning coach of a lot of great fighter (Renzo Gracie, IFL teams ... )

i can recommand it


What are opinions on Eric Cressey dvds?


i dont know Eric Cressey dvds but if you take all the free information of Ross Enamait and the Diesel Crew. Then you read the book additionally.

You have enough stuff for planning your training the next 2 years, believe me.


Awesome thanks everyone. I will get started right away.


Jonathan Chaimberg is coming out with a DVD on MMA training soon.

He's the S & C coach for GSP.



thanks alot. Wow this guy works with alot of mma top level fighters.


Check out Charlie Lysak's "CRAWL" DVD if you want a workout that'll give you supreme strength endurance.



I'd suggest working with Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe for awhile. A strong squat, deadlift, and power clean sure as hell won't hurt. Unless of course you are already proficient in these areas. I would highly recommend Cressey articles, particularly those addressing injury prevention.


Thanks guys...this is all exactly what I was looking for. Now I have lots of great information to absorb. I'm excited.


Never heard of that, is it the real deal?


Here's a little taste:



You bet your ass it is. :wink:

Lysak has been doing MA for basically his entire life (30+ years) and also done some flat out crazy workouts (his father Walt Lysak Sr. used to put him and his brother Walt Jr. through workouts that make navy seals say "You guys are F*ing nuts!").

His Primal Strength workouts will flat out separate the men from the boys and are extremely challenging (and effective). Lysak himself is a beast and attributes much of that to these workouts.

He's also put everyone from Joe Lewis, to Bill Wallace, to John Brookfield, to Adam Guerra, to special forces units, and I believe even Frank Shamrock (I know he's been through at least 1, perhaps not the CRAWL though) through his workouts and every one of them has been not only impressed, but become an instant believer in his program.

In fact, I know of not one instance where an individual went through the CRAWL as it's meant to be done, and didn't say that it was the most intense combat weight training routine that they had ever done. And again we're talking about everyone from wrestlers, to MMA fighters, to kickboxers, powerlifters, strongmen, endurance athletes, special forces guys, and law enforcement officers.


I would love to hear more feed back on primal strength...sounds super interesting.


Awesome stuff here. I watched those youtube clips and I can't wait for his dvd's to come out. I went to his website to find out when they come out but I couldnt' find any information on it and there was not an email address on his website to ask him. Do you know when "about" they are coming out? thanks


Ah right, sounds good.The only product available on the website is the CRAWL DVD. Is that literally $35 for one workout? How useful is it in terms of longevity and hitting different goals?


Yeah, it's basically just that one workout.

How useful is it in terms of longevity? Well, the workout is progressive, meaning that as you get stronger/better conditioned, the workout gets harder. You're using weights, so really the only limits on how difficult you could make the workout would be your genetic potential.

As for hitting different goals, the workout is designed to improve LAT, develop supreme levels of strength endurance, build mental toughness, greatly improve grip strength/endurance, and greatly improve work capacity. You will pretty much be trying to get through the workout (and each exercise in it) as fast as possible, which means doing the exercises quickly, so it will build some speed strength as well.


Worth a look then. Its Christmas see, so I can afford a new dvd. A good one to kick off the new year with then- a catch all (almost) routine while I scale up the number of MA sessions I do.

EDIT: Sorry to the OP for hijacking the thread!