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Duty Belt and Stronger Lower Back

I wear a 10-20 lb duty belt for about 8 hours a day 5 days a week and my lower back is becoming stiff after a long day. Does anybody have a similar problem and can you tell me how/if you fixed it? My lower back is just staying pretty stiff all day and I’m doing alot of back stretches to relief the tightness but if anybody has any trade secrets my lower back would appreciate it.


i keep mine on with some play in it after 11 years you get acustom to it

Deadlifts? Stiff Legs? Back extensions?

If you are wearing the duty belt and/or underbelt too tight, this can contribute to the stiffness. At least in my case it did. I wear it a little loose too. Other than that, I try to stretch my lower back and hamstrings often. Since you are on this site, I won’t go into what exercises work your lower back.

Why are you wearing a belt all day?

Long-term use of a belt can weaken the torso musculature, give a false sense of security and when injuries occur wearing a belt they are generally more serious.

If you have to wear a belt (perhaps you are working for a short-sighted company that makes it mandatory), wear it as loose as you can without it falling off, or preferably refuse to wear one. Obviously related to this is keeping the torso strong and using correct lifting mechanics which will protect you more effectively long-term.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Now that I see it’s a term I am not familiar with, I realise I’m talking about something else totally! The advice below seems good though :slight_smile:

You are going to have to get out of the patrol car and walk around a few times a day. If it is to hot outside just go to the local mall or shopping center and walk around. Sitting in the car for 8-12 hours a day plus earing that duty belt will break you down. Also, place your items so that they ballance the weight around your waist. Except for the gun everything else is subject to move (unless your policy states otherwise). And dont carry what you dont need. If your department is in the new millenium you have a Tazer, ASP, and O.C.spray plus a heavy gun. IMO, take the spray off and possibly the ASP because all you need to defuse a situation is old sparky!! Good luck and stay safe!