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Dutch Oil Skimming Ships Turned Away




Bam Bam would never want to do that!! How would he do that?! Why?!?!


I understand trying find alternative energy sources, yet when costs 'necessarily skyrocket', yeah, then most Americans will have a problem. Everyday Osain provides to me even more reasons as to why I have never liked the guy.

I have to remain hopeful as to the principles this country was founded on. NEVER did America need to be 'fundamentally transformed'!! [i]Never ever!![/i]


Morons. I'm going to move to another country.


Bam has to make sure that his Union cronies get first dibs at the work. Bam would never allow foreigners to work in the U.S. unless they are here illegally.


but don't you understand - they had policies in place that made it impossible for oil rigs to explode . . . oh wait, we have to rewrite the regulations to prevent this type of accident from ever occurring again!!!

the only "fix" a liberal has is a legislative one - they pass a law making it illegal and put a bunch of regulations on that - after that what else could possibly need to be done . . . .

I guarantee that by the end of the summer, there will be at least 5 bills in congress proposing all osrts of new regulations - it's their mindest - "there's a perfect policy for every situation" . . . like socialists, liberals function great in the theoretical world, ut wind up being useless in reality.




Totally agree with everything you wrote...biggest problem is that we'll see gas prices skyrocket.


I think Bam turned them away because he wanted to make sure there was some "Ass to Kick." He was in the mood or something. TeaBagging was getting a little boring.


Did you see the date on that? May 4th. A month and a half ago. Still no skimmer ships. And seemingly because EPA regulations won't allow them to discharge seawater with any oil in it. Even though they are removing the vast majority or the oil and only returning trace amounts. This is what you get with more regulation. A massive inept beauraucracy that won't allow anything to be done. Build sandbars? Nope, EPA regulations. Skimmer ships? Nope, EPA regulations.

Also, I like that the guy they interviewed in that article is named "Wierd Koops". Maybe the best name ever.


Yes, the story is old, exactly why I posted it. Why isn't this in the media? I just heard about it the other day. People need to raise some hell over this, imagine what could have saved if these Dutch ships had simply been given the green light to come in and help. The US doesn't even have this oil skimming technology.


Oil sucking ships stopped by Coast Guard



This is just absolutely absurd to me. Finally something that they have tried that has a decent success rate and it's stopped.

The reason: we have to check and see if they have life jackets...such f'n bs.


why didn't they just give them some - or station a Coast Guard cutter nearby in case of an accident . . . .


Because that would be the logical thing to do...sad times