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Dutch Does Hammer Strength

I came out of my cocoon last month and signed up here after just lurking a long while. In another thread I added my 2 cents about new old guys training. Here I would like to just introduce myself with a video taken for my recent 67th B-day. I have always had a love of Hammer Strength equipment because I could pile on the weight while not needing a spotter and knowing whatever exercise I would be doing, I could stay in pretty good form while doing it.

It has been especially helpful equipment as I have overcome 3 RC tears in the last 5 years, the last of which was just a year ago to my right RC. In each case I came back without surgery by using megadoses of Cissus and Omega 3s. They are a godsend for us old farts, our bones and joints. I love to pile on the weight and in this video I actually did 5 reps but the cameraman missed the first one (all you can hear is the clank).

I apologize for my loud noise but ever since my youthful Karate days I have found I could increase my power dramatically by concentrating my KI or force with air expulsion. Again, mea culpa, mea culpa. Hopefully this video is of some motivation to others my age who can then believe that there is lots of life after 50, 60, and I believe even 70, that it’s not over for us until we say it is over.

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welcome to the board

[quote]wasBr0k3n wrote:
welcome to the board[/quote]

Glad to see more in the over 60 group.

Thanks for the welcome. I know dozens of guys who continue to train, some BBers some PLers, well into their 60s and 70s. I am motivated and enthused by their support and example. I only hope that my efforts provide some motivation for others in turn. I always try to convince the over 35ers that age is not a deterrent to continued growth. I really believe we set our own “age clocks” in the choices we make.