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Dutasteride and Winstrol

Hello everybody. I have been searching for help and information about using Avodart and Winstrol 50 tabs. I have searched the forums high and low and cannot find a definitive answer to my question. Seeing how some of the people on this site seem as knowledgeable as Doctors, I thought I would ask here. First here is some info on myself.

I am 45; 185lbs, 6% body fat and people say I look like I am in my low 30?s. I only used steroids when I could get them and that wasn?t very often. Thanks to the Internet, for the last couple of years I train naturally all year long and when summer comes, I have a friend who gets me a 12-week supply of Winstrol 50 tabs. They seem to give me a harder look, and a little more size.

Now comes my problem?. I started taking Avodart for some very minor crown thinning I had going on. It seems to thicken the hair up, which is a good thing, but I am wondering how the Avodart will react if I take my summer dose of Winstrol. I know this question sounds pretty lame, but I really don?t know what to expect. Will they negate each other? Should I not take the Winstrol? If anyone has any ideas on this I would really appreciate the help.

You should post this in the steroid forum.

Thanks comguy1.