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dutasteride and proscar

Anyone give me some feed back on these for hair loss. 20 and my hair is thinning. I have done a search but one some of the latest feedback. Any real world advice would help.

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Dutasteride is new on the market and hasn’t had the real-world test of time that Proscar has. It’s unknown if there are long term issues with it. Plus Dutasteride stays in your body a lot longer, so if you have side effects it will take longer for them to subside. Plus Dutasteride is way more expensive than Proscar or Propecia.

I would start with Proscar or Propecia and give it a year. If that doesn’t work for you, THEN start thinking about Dutasteride.

Can anyone comment on proscars affect on athletic performance, lbm, free testosterone, etc? Side effects? Thanks.

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Finasteride is supposed to increase your total test levels by ~15% (according to their literature), although I don’t know if there is any athletic spillover. If you want to use finasteride, go with proscar over propetia and divide the pills in four (it’s too hard to divide five ways, their so tiny…). The difference in DHT reduction between 1 and 5mg is not very substantial.

One other thing, buy your proscar in Mexico if you can. I paid-- without shopping around at all-- 47 USD for a box of 30 (proscar), the same as I would have paid in the US for 30 of propecia.

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I think Natedog can answer this question.

As for side effects for finasteride, I’ve noticed none. Loss of libido is attributed to it in the lit, but I still beat off all the same whether I’m on it or not. Try and see though, it has a short halflife and so side effects will go away as soon as you quit taking it. Proscar has been around ~15 years and there have been no serious health issues linked to it. Except hairy head syndrom.

Is it true that the side effects will also subside i.e. after a long time using it? this is what I have heard.