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Dusterrr's Log


Ive been lurking on T-Nation for about a month now and have decided to start a log to keep track of my lifts and my diet. I worked out a bit in college, best lifts were 365 dl, 335 parallel squat, and 225 bench. Since starting my job 2 years ago Ive been in the gym a handful of times and my diet has been brutal, usually eating twice a day, with atleast one of those meals being fast food. I am 23 and 5'10. Ill be weighing myself on lifting days.

Ive set up what Im going to do for the next 6 weeks, Im not going to think past that, I just want to concentrate on following my diet and lifting then evaluate my progress when the 6 weeks are complete.

The plan:
-lift (total body) Monday-Wednesday-Friday after work (around 4:30)
-Sprints Monday and Friday night, Hockey Wednesday night (3 hours after lifting)
-Hockey or 2 mile jog on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
-Eat 5 meals a day, allowing myself 3 skipped/cheat meals a week. I work 6am-4pm Monday-
Thursday so my first meal will be earlier on those days.
-Drink a gallon of water and half gallon of milk every day
-Foam roll and go through magnificent mobility daily (my flexibility is horrible)
-Carlson's liquid fish oil: 3 tablespoons (4.8 grams) a day
-Creatine: 3 grams before and after lifting. 3 grams after sprints, jogging, and hockey. 3 grams in the morning on Sunday.
-BCAA: Id like some advice on when/how much I should take. I was thinking 4 grams in the morning, 4 while lifting weights, 4 after. Then on non-lifting days 4 grams in the morning and 4 in the evening.
Any advice/comments are welcome, good or bad.


6 AM: 3 hard boiled eggs, 2 packets oatmeal, banana, 4 g bcaa, 1.6 g fish oil, glass of milk
10 AM: 5 oz pork chops, 10 baby carrots, glass of milk
2 PM: 5 oz steak, 3 oz broccoli, glass of milk
4:30 PM: (pre workout) 12 oz green tea, 3 g creatine
During Workout: 4 g bcaa
6 PM: (post workout) 5 oz chicken, 5 oz pasta and cheese, 4 g bcaa, 1.6 g fish oil, 3 g creatine, glass of milk
9 PM: (post sprints) protein shake (26 g), 3 g creatine, apple, 1.6 g fish oil

Squat: 3x5 - 185 (working on flexibility to go ATG)
Incline Bench: 3x5 - 135
Pull-ups: 3x5 - /
DB Military Press: 3x5 - 30
DB Curl: 3x5 - 25
Pallof Press: 3x30 sec - 50
Ab Rollout: 3x8 - /
DB Farmers Walk: 3x60 sec - 55

50 m x 10 with 90 sec rest

Foam rolled and went through magnificent mobility after lifting
Drank 4 liters of water throughout the day
Weight: 182