Dust Mite Allergy

Ok, I’ve been diagnosed with dust mite allergy. Went to see the doctor monday last week, he drew some blood, gave me some general anti-allergy medication.
Had the results of the blood test thursday, I tested positive for dust mite.

Since I put synthetic sheets on my bed, and took the medication, I’ve been feeling a lot better, thanks for asking.

But how would this condition influence my training, and my supplement?

I had the same problem a couple of years back. I found that once I took all the carpeting out of my house, got an air purifier and the proper sheets, that I felt 100% better.

The only time I find that it affects my training is if I am exposed to dust say at work for example. I do find that it drains me a bit, as I will become a bit stuffed and my lungs a bit congested. This happens very rarely now that i have made all the proper changes to my home.

Before I was stuffed up almost every morning, which led to constant sinus infections, runny nose, and all the rest, which would pretty much ruin the entire day right from the get go, so look forward to feelin a lot better, and a better quality of life in general.

Sometimes allergies seem to “build up” with constant exposure.

If you can find some reasonably quiet HEPA filters (or whatever standards exist over there) and keep the air in your home (especially where you sleep) fairly clean, you may find that your tolerance improves.

Anyway, if your body isn’t putting a lot of energy into a constant allergic battle, then it may start to have more energy for recovery purposes.

Of course, I have no background in this, so honestly I am just speculating based on my own experiences.

Ok, I have been trying to loose weight for a about a year now, cleaning up my diet, training more, training less, interval, everything.

I hit a plateau and didn’t seem able to loose weight significantly.

After the diagnose, I got some medication and lost nearly 2kg in 2 weeks. I’m at a personal low atm.

Coincidence? I think not.