durum wheat

the other day i bought some pasta without really looking at it. to my suprise when i got home and cook the stuff i read the lable, 12g protein, and 1.1g of carbs! i’ve been looking on the net to see if this is right, can’t find anything yet and thought i’d ask here. if this is correct this would be excellent for the t-dawg diet i hope. could you guys give me you opinions and facts about this. if i find more i’ll post it.

That can’t be right. I eat 100% Durum Whole Wheat pasta and it is 9g protein and 34g carbs. Anything made from a plant source is going to be high in carbs, so either you’ve got a mis labeled box or its some kind of super mutant wheat.

Could it have been Kamut (Egyptian Wheat)? Kamut is a very high protein source compared with regular (Greek) wheat…