During workout nutrition for cardio

I’m doing a lot of energy system work of the following types:

  1. Long steady work of 32-45 minutes duration.
  2. Intervals: 4-8 x 2-8 minutes with 3-5 minute recoveries.

During these sessions, should I consume a protein/carb beverage, carb beverage only, or nothing at all?


How come your intervals are 2-8 minutes? Is this just done below anaerobic capacity?

I am definitely training around or above lactate threshold during many of the intervals. The longer rows are at steady state, possibly with some LA+ accumulation if I sprint at the finish.


This is dependent on your goals. Losing/gaining weight or eben maintaining.

If you are trying to cut some fat while doing this then ditch the carbs and stick with the protein or simply water. If you are maintaining or bulking go for the carb, or carb and protein combo.