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During Soccer Game Nutrition


So if i ate a meal about 2hrs before a soccer game and then play one 45 minute half it probably wouldnt be a bad idea to sip a halftime drink?

i have some whey powder how would adding milk be, moreso what would a good carb source be. im cutting for the season so im hesistant to take surge or gatoraide powder, maybe so uncooked irish oats since they are smaller than regular? anyone experience stomach/gas problems though with uncooked oats...thanks!


Soccer players only drink a Soy Latte at halftime.


Go with the Surge or some other kind of fast-absorbing protein/carb combination. You may be cutting, but you are also at halftime of an actual match, so the carbs will come in handy for recovery purposes. Don't get overly carb paranoid because while you may be in a cut, you don't also want to affect your performance on the field.

I actually have a game in 1 hour and I will be doing the Surge at halftime (especially since the addition of BCAA's can be be helpful for muscle sparing during that kind of hard running activity).