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Recently someone recommended dividing my post workout of dex/creatine/whey into two shakes, my carbs and creatine halfway through my workout and the whey protein afterwards. Would this have any merit, or does anyone have a similar method?

On another note, I generally eat my meal thirty to forty five minutes after my shake, opposed to the standard 60-90.

Note: My workouts are sixty minutes, when I train any longer than that I have my shake during my workout and just time my meal accordingly.


why complicate? Just get the macros down during/right after your workout and the rest will work itself out. I typically start sipping on SURGE at the beginning of my workout, sip on it between sets and finish by about the time i'm done, then eat solid food 45 mins or so after I get back.


one tip for PWO, if you take a dextrose or a malto, have it before 20 minutes before your protein as your insulin will be at peak levels.


I use AST's 'DGC' so I imagine Dextrorotory glucose crystals fits into that category. Having peaked insulin levels makes it easier for the body to use?

EDIT: Does anyone have a suggestion for the most cost efficient carb supplement?


Dextrose Powder and/or maltodextrin. Or, some fruit and/or oats.


I have tried fruit I feel it doesn't spike my insulin levels like a powder, I'm considering some instant oats since I have a lot lying around.