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During/PWO Drink Recipie?

  1. I have no Grow!/Surge and I want to avoid catabolization from a couple hours of MMA training.

  2. I do have Gatorade and Whey protein.

  3. I have one of those bottles all the hot chicks in the gym have with cap attached to the bottle because I’m apparently untrustworthy (although I did finally get Mom to take the alligator clips off of my gloves this winter). I was going to get the purple bottle, but black matches my workout clothes better (and it’s slimming!).

What’s the proper ratio I should be using? I can’t think of the macro profile of the Gatorade offhand, but I generally full a 32oz bottle with 3 servings-worth. I think it was a Berardi email newsletter I got a long time ago that suggested adding the protein. There’s ~23g of whey in each scoop.

Am I just looking to get the raw protein number (i.e. grams) or should I be worried about getting a proper ratio? Bodyweight’s 185# if that helps.

Also, I’ve only been taking protein for the past couple days and it’s really knocked me out. Other diet has stayed mostly the same, so I don’t know if the addition of the protein has caused it or not, but does anyone it affect anyone else similarly?



Hope I don’t look like too much of a tool for responding to my own post, but I’ve got an add-on question that is relevant and maybe someone will come along to answer my first question:

When I’m training MMA, I seem to have gas a lot faster since I added the protein powder. Does anyone else experience this?

I think I’ll likely stick with carbs during and move the carb/protein mix to the post-drink.