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During and Post-Workout Sugar


What kind of sugar do you use during workout and immediately afterwards?

I've been trying using white bread (if I have no sport drink like QNT energel) during workout and rice afterwards.
Is it plain silly? I intend these to fight off cortisol (my training sessions are quite long) I am trying to pack on muscle while staying lean.


Carbs don't fight off cortisol and the whole cortisol thing is blown out of proportion. Minor, transient spikes in hormones from training are a crock of bologna.

Yeah, you should eat and/or drink after workouts.

No, bread and rice are not bad food choices, Why would we think it's silly to eat them?


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This is the BEST way to put it!


I'll take the other viewpoint: carbs are bad. They instantly turn into fat. Even fiber, especially soluble fiber. Stick to protein powder and artificial sweeteners, you'll be way better off.


Couldn't be further from the truth.

That's like saying exposure to sunlight instantly results in melanoma. It doesn't. And you'd be foolish to assume moderate exposure to carbs at appropriate times and in appropriate amounts will make you fat. Carbs, like sunlight, both present possible adverse reactions but it's up to the user to be accountable.


i think someone's sarcasm detector is broken.


My post was more in jest- the fact that we had two very intelligently presented viewpoints, I just felt the need to add an opposing viewpoint, albeit facetiously.


My bad. I totally see the sarcasm there. byukid 1 - me 0.


You should do what I do. Post workout I add 2 tablespoons of dextrose in my protein shake. Depending on what type of workout I have just done, I might also add a PB jelly white bread sammich(if Ive had a very intense workout or had done some cardio).

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totally agree. you recommended PPS in another thread... any other supplements or relaxation methods you'd recommend?


For those of us who train early / after breakfast what would you suggest?

Right now I'm having 2 carb meals, 50g of carbs from fruit for breakfast, and 75g of carbs from rice an hour after training.


...had the same question as the above poster...



I'd recommend having 50% of daily carbs at breakfast and 50% divided between your PWO shake and PWO meal. Then have P&F meals the rest of the day. This is ideal for cutting/maintenance, it's a guideline Layne Norton created a while ago and has always worked in my experience.


^^^^^Sound advice. Pretty much exactly what I do. I'm kinda lean, not as lean as your ass though ; )


White bread is pretty fast digesting. I saw some glucose index numbers that put it around as high as table sugar.

Go for it.

I still usually prefer fruit, if I've got it.


So you munch on white bread during a workout? I'd love o see that...
If you don't have any problems with bloating, go for it!
Personally, I don't tolerate a whole lot of solids during my workouts, maybe a few chocolate bars or a banana but nothing with a hint of fiber.


anyone ever mix root beer with Surge after a workout? Would that not be recommended?



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