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During/After the Cut


After cutting down to your desired bf% how do you introduce regular eating back into the mix. The horror stories of 'once you get off your diet you gain it all back' have got me worried. I'm currently 36, 180 @ 15% bf. I started at 193/20% 2.5 months ago. I don't have bodybuiling goals but want to be in excellent shape. Full body workouts six days a week at medium intensity are working pretty well, i guess i'm overly concerned about putting the weight back on even during carb up days. How long does it take to put a pound of fat on anyway.


If you take me to the right buffet I can put on a pound in about 4 minutes flat. Even less if I get seated right next to the food.


If you bust your ass to get down to a desirable bodyfat, then by that point you should have taught yourself a valuable lesson. Never let yourself get that out of whack in the first place...

At the same time, you'll probably adopt some solid nutritional habits during the cutting phase and why not just maintain those if you're at your goal? If you're carb cycling...just keep doing it and don't worry about the carb up days throwing you off b/c the low days will more than make up for that...as I'm sure you've noticed.

When I train for a show, I get pretty lean and then when the show is over I try and stay that way. It hasn't always worked out that way in the past, as I've gone 'carb crazy' once I step off stage. As a result, I'd blow up and be one fat piece of shit. The backlash was wicked, so no fucking way I'm ever letting myself do that again...

So keep bustin your ass and when you reach your bodyfat goal...do yourself a favor and enjoy that shit by maintaining the lifestyle you've been living. Good luck



Especially if it's a Chinese buffet


After cutting I stayed at the steady weight just applying a few more calories into my meals.

Don't switch right over from cutting to bulking, your body needs to become used to that weight until it can put weight on "correctly."


I would try slowing upping your calories back up, say a 100-200 every week or two depending upon how low you went, how much you lose, etc.

THis way your body can adjust to the intake. However I don't see why you would eat different whether you bulk or cut, granted during "bulking" you don't eat quite as clean, however if you plan on maintaining, why not keep the same food choices and just eat enough kCals. to maintain?


Thanks all for the replies! It's good to hear what real world lifters have to say. Part of my post that didn't get answered about how long it takes to put on fat, are there any threads that explane the way your body uses calories, ie 'lift/eat/time till muscles are rebuilt and carbs replaced?