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Heya T-freaks. I’m just easing back into working out (recovery from surgery went outstandingly well)and I’d like some new stuff to play with so I don’t get into a rut. I’ve been training three days a week doing chest/tri’s back/bi’s Shoulders/quads on Mon/Wed/Sat. On the “off” days I do ab work, calves and cardio. I respond well to lower reps and generally stick in the 4x4-7 or 5x5 for the core exercises (bench, squat, deads). For the rest of my workout I do one secondary exercise (hammer pull, Arnold Press, Skull Crushers) for 2-3 sets and then I do a circuit or two of supersets. I like to do my cardio within the rest periods between sets, sprinting on my stairclimber for 1-2 mins. I’ve found that the shorter my workout, the more pumped I feel both after and the next day. Right now, my average workout time is about 56 mins, I’d like to get it down to 45-50, but I’m not exactly sure how to make the sacrifice. For those of you who also feel they benefit from a shorter workout, how exactly do you pull it off? Do you hit the gym four days a week? Any info would be, as always, greatly appreciated. Lata.

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You might want to consider different combinations of bodyparts. For instance, work Chest&Back together, Bi’s&tri’s together, quads&Glutes together. Do a set of say bench, and then rest about 60 seconds, and then do a set of chins, rest 60 seconds and go back to bench. Obviously, you don’t have time for cardio in between, but you might not need it. this is what my splits looks like : Day 1, Chest/Back; Day 2 - off, Day 3 - Shoulders&Arm, Day 4 - Legs, Day 5 - off, repeat. If you do three combinations of exercises (for instance call bench/chins one combination) it should only take you 45 mins to complete. Check a lot of the old articles of the site, written by poliquin or TC. Let me know if anything’s not clear. Peace.

Heh, it seems we’ve made your ass forum-famous Styles. Welcome to the club. Anyways, I’ve done that split beofre, and got excellent results. I’m still searching for the chin-up bar that will fit my fragile doorway while not killing me. What do you suggest instead? I’ve had great success with rows and hammer pulls (loading up one half of an olympic bar and pulling up from that side). Another aspect I’ve noticed is that I feel too “restricted” when I write out a formal routine. I’ve heard some people jsut write out the first few exercises and improvise from there. Whatcha think? Lata.

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MB, Franco Columbo once told Gary Leonard (the 1980 Mr. America, if you don’t recall the name) that the way to supreme density and vascularity was to do any given workout in half the time. Leonard tried it and won his contest. For what it’s worth…

Styles, dude, you were a pretty good sport on that last thread! It got a bit out of hand, didn't it? (Although we seem to have entertained ironbabe.) Next time the three of us decide to highjack a thread, we should probably just start a new one of our own. Maybe we could rip on Derek Cornelius' sorry butt...

Yeah Char! Nice advise, I’m gonna check that out this coming week. Should we start ripping on this post now? Lata.

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As far as back training without a chinnning bar, I guess you’d just have to go with different types of rows. What I like to do with back training is use all three grips in one workout (supinated, pronated, neutral). For instance, you could do DB rows (neutral grip), BB Bent over rows (supinated grip), and BB or DB pullovers (pronated grip). The pullovers go over really well on Chest&Back day, as it works both.

Rip on Derrick Cornelius? I couldn't possibly. That man was like a father to me. Back in '97, when I had that lucrative endorsement deal with Preparation H, he was always more than happy to powder my ass before every shoot. When I did the centerfold for Busty Backyards, who do you think greased up my glutes? Why, I had to stop him after three coats, or who knows how glossy I'd end up. He was always there to encourage me during training, too. Like those days he'd take pictures of me doing squats. I guess he wanted to take realistic training photos, because he'd always hide behind equipment to get the best angle. Let's not forget his generosity. He was always willing to buy me things if I couldn't afford them, all I had to do was come over and watch movies with him like "All Super Gay Hardcore College Jocks" or "Message in a Bottle." Oh, the times we had.

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Styles, does this explain the mysterious “Third hand” during your squat pose series in the August '98 section of the"Beach Bun Boyz" Calander?

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MB - for me 4 days was the way to go. I tapered off on the “best and worst parts thread” but that ass stuff was fucking amazing. I mean ive seen some funny stuff here but that was the shit. Who were the reponsible parties and did they all grow up together or something??? First thing I thought is you guys should write something. Maybe kick off a ham ass support group every so often when you feel insired??? :slight_smile:

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MB, don’t be put off programs like the Ian King ones just because they are structured, they work well. 4 days for me in about 45 mins but I do cardio for 1/2hr first thing in the am so that’s sort of cheating. That butt stuff was bloody funny. As Kwai Chang Kain’s blind master (from Kung Fu)used to say “Ass groper when you can take the walnuts out of my crack then you are a man”

Dre, I was probably to blame for that last thread, and I apologize. It’s just that, having finally achieved my life-long goal of getting rated as an Assmaster Emeritus (there are only twelve of us in the world), I couldn’t let Styles’ comments go unanswered. I take butts seriously, and to have some ham-grafter claim that his ass is as good as mine, well… You can see that it would drive a man completely around the gluteal bend.

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