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Duration of Halo Run?

I am curious how long people run Halo. It seems 2-3 weeks is the norm, but I seem to get such a significant boost even just running one day at a time, that I am not sure it is worth running for so long. Is there a reason people run it for that long? Is it possible I would see benefits running it longer than just 1 day at a time?

For the record, I am nearing the end of a 16 week cycle, currently running test/tren/bold/MENT and I am about 8 days out from my next competition.

@BOTSLAYER has used it a good bit I think.

You could probably extend a little if you just ran it pre-workout. It isn’t great for building muscle, so I don’t see much use in running it every day.

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That was more or less my thought. Maybe next time I compete I’ll try running it for a week, but I am too close to this comp to make any changes

Sorry I missed this.

Halo I could only run like 10ish days before I would feel too shitty to get benefits from it. I would run it everyday pre workout. (Superdrol was 14-21 days before diminished returns/lethargy)

As a Strongperson competitor I am guessing you dont train every day and running it longer would be easier.

How did you like MENT?

I really like the cycle I was running. The MENT I was running so low I am not sure how much of a strength/lean mass boost I got from it, BUT the mental sides (or combating mental sides from the nand and tren) was phenominal.

Unfortunately I tore my lat off my humerus during this competition, but I still managed to finish the entire comp. I think the 20mg halo had something to do with it. I messed it up pretty bad on a side handle deadlift

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